Harvesting and storing Hokkaido squash - Important notes regarding timing, technique and storage

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The pumpkin season is approaching. While the fruits shine from afar, the gardener can hardly wait for the harvest. When is it finally time and how do the pumpkins keep fresh for a long time? We tell you.

Harvest and store Hokkaido pumpkin - Important information on time, technique, storage

Some can hardly wait for the pumpkin season. Most popular here are the Hokkaido pumpkins. They taste slightly nutty, slightly reminiscent of chestnuts and have a juicy, low-fiber pulp. In addition to the delicious taste they are not so big, so they are wonderfully suitable for small households. In addition, you can eat the bowl with Hokkaido pumpkin, which means less waste.

The best part is that it lasts for several months. Provided of course, it was harvested at the right time and stored optimally. Because there is a lot to consider. If you stick to the tips, then you can still enjoy the tasty fruit well after the harvest season.

The optimal time for the harvest

Although the Hokkaido pumpkin already flashes through the greenery in August, the harvest season usually begins in September and then extends to December. But it can also happen that this is ripe earlier. That depends on the weather and the time of sowing. It is important that they harvest the pumpkin only when fully ripe.

But when is this time exactly? Very easily. You just need to lightly knock on the pumpkin. If a hollow sound is heard, you can assume that the Hokkaido pumpkin is ripe.

" Important NOTE: If it is very wet and cold around harvest time, it is recommended to remove the pumpkin when immature, otherwise it could rot. Store the pumpkin temporarily warm and dry, it will ripen a bit more.

So you reap right

How you harvest the pumpkin in detail depends on how you use it afterwards. If you want to store it, then you should leave the stalk and a few inches of the stalk on the fruit. If you do not, it will not be long before the pumpkin starts to rot. If you cut off the fruit from the plant (sharp knife or secateurs), then you should be careful that you do not damage the fruit.

If you want to process the fruit immediately, it is not so important if the stalk is still on.

Store Hokkaido pumpkin properly

Basically, it is possible to store the ripe pumpkin for up to eight weeks. But this only works with whole fruits that show no signs of damage. If you have to cut the pumpkin, it can remain in the refrigerator for a maximum of four days.

Important factors for storage are:

  • Cool location
  • Dry location
  • Whole fruit better than split fruit

In order to store the pumpkin for a much longer time, we recommend freezing. You do not have to cook it in advance, but you can simply divide the fruit in portions and place it in the freezer.

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