Holiday in the home garden - ideas for an unforgettable summer

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You do not have to get on the plane to go on vacation. Cheaper, yet comfortable, the holidays are in their own garden.

Holiday garden ideas

The thing about the holiday is such a problem. Most of them have too little, and if they have it, the offers are simply too expensive or certain places are simply too crowded. In addition, for many people, a once-popular holiday destination is dropped for safety and moral reasons, but the Spanish goals have become even more crowded and expensive for that very reason. So what's left? How about a change with the resort, which is well known and reserved at most the domestic cat the sun lounger? Exactly, we are talking about the goals of balconies and gardens. And this report reveals how the holiday becomes a blast.

Cozy garden equipment for a nice time

Balcony terrace holiday

The holiday home has real benefits. It eliminates the eternal baggage and the fight with the suitcase zipper, which is definitely too small. Instead, one may consider how the garden or the balcony is equipped. And that's great. Because here is not the disposable air mattress selected, but the furniture and the fun factor for the whole year. The home garden and the balcony are the holiday destinations for every day, always after work and of course on weekends. So you can spend a little more here, so that the private luxury hotel stays long:

  1. garden furniture - If you have a garden with a terrace, you are well advised to invest in lounge furniture. The pieces of rattan or polyrattan defy even bad weather periods and are just comfortable. Pillows can be rested, sunbathed or celebrated with family or friends. Also for the balcony there are practical seating and reclining opportunities that leave nothing to be desired. How about a corner seat combination, whose seat can be folded up and hides a box? On can also find interesting garden furniture made of wood, which provide a special atmosphere.
  2. sun protection - so that real holiday feeling comes up, the sunscreen must not be missing of course. Awnings or awnings are very popular, but even a parasol with a good base is never wrong. Awnings are available for balconies practically with clamping elements against which even a landlord can do nothing. Awnings are anchored in the wall if possible.
  3. bathing - Of course, depending on the size of the garden, a pool should not be missing. There are now countless models for every budget. For larger pools but the pump should not be forgotten, as well as a cover is essential. Who wants something permanent and a garden pond is not averse, who can build a swimming pond. The ponds do not take up so much space and are absolutely sufficient to cool off. And what do balcony vacationers do? With them the good old paddling pool can be considered. If the balcony is not enough: In every hardware store there are rectangular planters. They are extremely stable, hold several buckets of water and are enough to cool off the legs.
  4. Water fun in need of space - maybe the garden is already set up so that there is not much room left? In this case, a garden shower could be something to cool down. Otherwise, a fountain creates coolness for the eye.
  5. grill - Of course, a good barbecue should not be missing on a balcony or in the garden.

Depending on the game equipment can be included in the holiday repertoire. For a badminton net is usually always room, hung slightly higher, it is perfect for grass volleyball. And if the kids want to go high, a garden trampoline is the means to an end.

Trips for the seasoning


Holidays at home also means that the Sun Guarantee is not anchored in the Basic Law and anyone has not eaten the plate. It is raining. And since only children like to count raindrops or jump around in puddles, a few trips have to be planned:


In each region, there is a swimming paradise in relatively reachable for large and small water lovers. This visit should definitely be included in the holiday, because no pool and no water fight at home can replace a wave pool, water slides and the tropical experience under the glass roof. By the way, there are also sauna and massage areas, where parents can relax after the game attacks of the little ones.

amusement park

Of course they should not be visited in the rain, but a visit is always a recommendation. In most federal states there is a more or less large park with several attractions.

movie theater

When it's cool and wet outside, you can go to the cinema.

climbing Park

Here, the fear of heights has no chance, but somehow the whole family has fun and even grumpy teenager discover again the child in itself.

Great events in your own garden

barbecue in the garden

Holidays are family time - but are not the friends included? Especially in this summer, the holiday time at home really offers festivities in the garden. It could be that the female or non-football-loving family members have to be bribed, but some events should take place:

  • Football Party - Once during the holiday season, the local holiday paradise should be abused for a World Cup party. Public viewing in the family and friends, in close proximity to the fridge, grill and chips.
  • cookout - It works without football. How about a nice barbecue with the best friends? After all, the grill master must also be played in 2018.
  • Kids Party - maybe the offspring has a birthday during the holiday season? The little ones can, of course, celebrate with their friends and show the grown-ups with adults how to celebrate.

Most of the possibilities can be repeated in the garden throughout the year and therefore, of course, really enjoy.

Conclusion: tourist snakes? Not this year!

This year there are no lousy holidaymakers at the buffet, towel reservers at the pool and Germans there, where you really do not want to see any. This year, the holiday takes place at home and there own rules can be set. Whether the deckchair is not taken over by the offspring or the family cat, can not be guaranteed at this point. The holiday in Gartenien or on Balkonien will still class.

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