Sowing hollyhocks - You must pay attention to this when sowing

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Hollyhocks are an eye-catcher in every cottage garden and also very easy to maintain. You can even grow new plants from existing plants. You can find out how it works here.

Sowing hollyhocks - You must observe this when sowing

Hollyhocks are typical plants for a cottage garden. But even those who do not have this, must not renounce these magnificent MalvengewΓ€chse. They are very easy-care and robust and therefore very well suited for beginners. There are seeds for sowing in every well-stocked garden shop.

They can also be obtained from the inflorescences of existing hollyhocks. How this works in detail and what to consider when sowing, we would like to introduce you here exactly.

βž” Win seeds of hollyhocks

If there are already hollyhocks in your garden, the plants provide you with the necessary seeds in abundance for free. Wait until the inflorescences dry up and fall off after flowering or cut off the dried parts of the plant immediately. The seeds are in capsules that they easily recognize with the naked eye.

βž” Sow hollyhocks

Seed the seeds by placing them on the ground at the desired location and covering them with a thin layer of damp soil. Keep a distance of 40 to 60 centimeters. Of course, larger distances are also possible. The renewable plants will survive the winter with a high degree of probability unscathed. With a little brushwood you provide additional protection. It is also possible to wait with the sowing, to prefer the hollyhocks in the house from February in small plant pots and then to expose them in the field at the end of May.

And there is a third alternative: just leave the fallen inflorescences of hollyhocks in place. The seeds will then be grown directly next to the mother plant without their intervention. Next year, leave the strongest and strongest specimens and remove the measly plants.

βž” Sow hollyhocks in the bucket

Hollyhocks feel most comfortable in the bed. The natural conditions can be simulated in the bucket. It is important to choose the highest possible vessels. Hollyhocks are not very broad, but quite deep. If the bucket does not allow the full formation of these taproots, the hollyhock will not respond to it, but probably will not unfold in full splendor. For this reason, Hollyhocks are rather unsuitable for discounts on the balcony.

Why do not my Hollyhocks flower?

Hollyhocks bloom in the first year only if they are already sown in the spring and then the flowering is not guaranteed. So do not worry. In the second year you will be rewarded with the colorful play of colors, which makes the hollyhocks one of the most popular garden plants.

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