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Since the spread of home improvement stores, which are now found in every small town, this industry is experiencing a boom that continues today. In these DIY stores there are many products in the DIY department with which you can design your own home. As a result, the costs remain affordable and on top of that, many people enjoy this work.
  • Do it yourself - Many work on the house seems more difficult than it actually is. With appropriate information from the Internet, but they can also be run by a layman.
  • Home Improvement Tips & Tricks - Professionals know how to do work quickly and easily. Read the Heimwerker Tips & Tricks, with which you can design your house the way you like it.
  • Building materials - With the large selection of building materials that is used in the construction of houses, you can lose the overview, especially because there are always new developments with special features added.
  • Wood - wood can be found in most houses only in the attic and in the interiors. Blockhouses, on the other hand, are completely made of wood and garden sheds are also in the garden
    Shed made of wood very popular.
  • Screed - The screed is the basis for the floor. It comes in different variants, which differ in their processing, their resilience or their water resistance.
  • Wallpaper - wallpaper make the interiors homely. For special
    Demanded walls such as those in the hall or in the nursery, there are products that are particularly resistant to dirt and damage.
  • Flooring - Even with the floor coverings, the selection is large. Here are mainly parquet, tiles, laminate and carpet. In addition, there are cork, linoleum, PVC and other materials on many floors.
  • Stairs - Stairs connect the individual floors and bridge differences in height to the garden or the front door. Many regulations have to be observed during their manufacture because stairs always represent a potential source of danger.
  • Windows - Large windows bring a lot of light into the interiors, but quickly generate high heating costs if they are not properly manufactured and installed. In Passive Houses, on the other hand, the sun's rays through the windows are used to generate heat.
  • Doors - A beautiful front door is one of the first impressions of a home to the visitors. But even indoors, they play a major role in optics.
When designing your own home, there are endless possibilities. With a little manual skill, many of these works can be carried out themselves, so that your own house gets a very individual character.

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