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Home remedies for sore throat: throat

Every time you swallow, whether you drink it solid or liquid, you get a feeling of scratching and cutting barbed wire in your throat. A dryness in the mouth and throat is then additionally unpleasant. Therefore, the first aid automatically follows: a lot of drinking! The neck does the right thing by itself, one is always forced to swallow. And that means nothing else than to drink a lot.
Another effective home remedy is a hefty chicken broth. With all cold symptoms, it is the right way to regain your strength. And besides, you do something good for your neck if you do not torment it with extra food. Even laboratory analyzes show that a homemade chicken broth contains anti-inflammatory agents.
Other home remedies, such as chamomile flowers or sage help with sore throat. Both can be obtained as an extract in the pharmacy. Each of these extracts is mixed with a tablespoon of salt and half a liter of lukewarm water to obtain a healing gargle mixture. The solution has disinfecting effects, which is extremely important.
This also means that you should pay more attention to cleanliness in the throat once a sore throat torments one. Therefore, it is also very important to brush your teeth, even if it is very uncomfortable.
An old recipe from grandma's times are the so-called potato wraps, which you should try before you can make expensive money to the doctor. For this purpose, unpeeled potatoes are cooked and crushed, then the mass is placed in a damp cloth. After a little cooling, the wrap is simply placed around the neck, but be careful, do not hang up too hot.

The home remedies can be divided into groups

In many of us, the variety of available home remedies outlined above leaves many with the impression that we are dealing with a collection of various miracle remedies whose mechanisms of action are beyond consideration. This is by no means the case, but the home remedies can rather be divided into groups according to the effects of the active substance involved:
Some are simply disinfecting, which is also the constant self-infection with your own viruses to be prevented: This includes the advice to frequent hand washing, especially after the nose cleaning, and disposable handkerchiefs, but also most lollipops and most home remedies The kitchen cabinet has a disinfecting effect.
The advice to keep the body warm, whether through warm foot baths / wraps or warm scarves or neck wrap with warm cabbage or red light irradiation or generally through an extra layer of clothing, helps our immune system: Cold constricts the blood vessels, poor blood circulation reduces the immune system, good circulation stimulates the metabolism which then vigorously forms defense cells.
Many of the recommended home remedies contain anti-inflammatory substances, eg. For example, pineapple juice or chamomile tea or garlic, onion juice with honey equal in both components, and the advice to drink a lot has also simply the effect that the viruses are washed away.
Many of the home remedies fulfill several of these tasks, such as the warm linden flower tea, which contains disinfectant and anti-inflammatory substances, warms the body and flushes away viruses.

Home remedies have their advantages

If you are taking home remedies for sore throats, give the body the opportunity to use its own weapons against inflammatory processes in the body and to keep them ready for the future through this exercise. Fever is no longer suppressed in healthy strong people today, but rather stimulated by a sweat cure, it kills viruses.
In addition, in many cases you can do without the use of stronger drugs, which also has its advantages: Any drug that works, has also side effects, is an old saying among medical professionals, and especially in comparatively harmless conditions such as sore throat has been in the recent past often Shot with cannons on sparrows. Whatever could be to the detriment of the individual patient, the too frequent prescription of antibiotics always runs the risk of developing resistance and of the patient eventually becoming unresponsive to antibiotics.
That's why today's doctors are more cautious about the use of certain drugs. However, you should definitely leave this decision to the doctor: the remainders of any tablets containing contents that are unknown to you are in no way among the home remedies, and their use should be limited to a few days. If, until then, there is no significant improvement in the symptoms, the doctor has to go to the doctor.
Get well!

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