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Homeopathy close up: plant

The visitor center of the Terra Medica invites the winners to an exclusive garden experience

20 lucky winners of a raffle in the July edition of MEIN experienced two informative and enjoyable days on Friday, July 31, and on Saturday, August 1, at the Terra Medica medicinal plant culture site in Staffort near Karlsruhe.

Plants from all over the world grow on the more than 16 hectare large area, the specific applications in homeopathy are astonishingly varied. Our winners were able to get an idea of ​​it for two days:

Herbal and medicinal plant diversity


Peter Riedl, Team Leader Medicinal Plant Cultures of the DHU (German Homeopathy Union) took over the group leadership

After the welcome with coffee and cake on Friday afternoon, we first went on an informative tour of Europe's most species-rich medicinal plant culture. All plants are used here under the certified conditions of organic farming and then serve as a basis for the production of homeopathic medicines.

bee expert

Bee expert Wolfgang Sengpiel held a lecture for the participants

"Experience how medicine grows" is the motto, and the plants actually come here after the harvest to the nearby pharmaceutical plant of the DHU near Karlsruhe. There they are placed in an alcohol and water mixture and pressed after 10 to 30 days. This is how the mother tincture develops, further dilutions can be made. If small sugar globules are dripped with this liquid substance, homeopathic globules such as Arnica D6 or Calendula D6 are formed.

Learn and enjoy


Shared barbecue

At the end of the first day, the participants were also allowed to listen to a highly interesting lecture by the bee expert Wolfgang Sengpiel. Impressed by the variety of plants and the informative guided tour, we went on together to the Mediterranean Grillbüffet, where you could dine in beautiful summer weather in convivial round.

Homeopathy self-made

bee expert

Bee expert Wolfgang Sengpiel held a lecture for the participants

On Saturday, then creative participation was announced: The participants made under expert guidance of herbal expert Nicole Windus Arnica ointment and marigold camomile bath salts themselves ago. For the marigold camomile bath salt, plant color (turmeric) is dissolved in alcohol and then added to essential camomile oil. The mixture was mixed well with sea salt. In the end, flowers of calendula and chamomile came over it. Well packed in small plastic bags, the bath salt was soon ready to go. In a good mood, the participants made their way home after two entertaining and eventful days.

Homeopathy close up: homeopathy

The winners of the Terra Medica garden trip

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