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Jumping games for children are wonderful to playfully train the motor skills of the little ones. In addition, they also have other positive influences on the child development. For example, the nervous system is optimally formed only when there is sufficient movement. Learning and responsiveness are also positively influenced by sports activities. Muscle, tendon and cartilage training also protects against joint problems in old age.

Children are playing gibberish

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A pants rubber from the sewing box - it does not take more to play Gummitwist can. Meanwhile, in the trade but also specially made rubber bands in all rainbow colors are offered. For the Hüpfspiel must find at least three players. If you are alone or in pairs, you can tie the rubber to a tree, a lantern or a chair.
The rules vary from country to country, city to city and even from schoolyard to schoolyard. The basic principle remains the same: two players tighten the rubber around their ankles and face each other. The third player now jumps in, on or between the rubber bands in the previously arranged order. Another variant: He has to take the one band with the feet in the jump and jump over the other. He may continue until he makes a mistake. Then the passage is over and the next one is in turn. If you survive the round without mistakes, you have to jump with increased difficulty. For this purpose, the rubber band is stretched higher and higher, lap after lap: the calves are followed by the calves, then the knees, then the rubber sits under the buttocks, then on the hip and finally in the waist. In addition, the rubber band can also be stretched to different widths. In the so-called "tree trunk" the feet are close together, while the "monopod" the band is only stretched by one foot.

The snail demands skillful hops


Endurance and coordination are encouraged in this hopping game

The hopping game is painted with chalk on the asphalt. On solid sand, the hops fields can also be scored with a stick. The number of boxes can be varied and expanded as desired.
The snail fields can be hopped by the children in different ways. A simple game variant runs like this: Every child hops on one leg through the snail. Anyone who makes it back and forth faultlessly may throw his stone in a box. This field is taboo for all other players, but the landowner is allowed to rest here.
Another version is a bit more complicated: When jumping through the snail, a stone must be balanced on the feet.

Jump through heaven and hell

heaven and hell

Hitchcases, jumping hops, temple hopping or heaven and hell - this game has many names

The playing field, also painted with chalk on the floor or scratched in the sand, can be designed according to different patterns. The simplest game variant runs like this: One stone is thrown into the first playing field, the other playing fields are hopped, whereby one must skip the field with the stone. In heaven one can rest for a short while, but hell must never be entered. If you do not make a mistake, you have to throw in the next field and keep it up. If you hit a line or you hit the wrong field with the pebble, it's the turn of the next player.
Other game variants are possible and each increase the level of difficulty: first with two legs, then on one leg, then with crossed legs and finally with closed eyes. It is often played in such a way that the stone must be carried through all fields when jumping on the toe, shoulder or head.

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