Horn meal as a fertilizer and against clover in the lawn

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Horn meal as a fertilizer and against clover in the lawn: meal

To get a lawn that perfect requires constant care and this includes the sustainable control of weeds. The garden clover, for example, can be eradicated sustainably and naturally by fertilizing with horn meal in the lawn. Hornmeal is great as a fertilizer because it is a complete natural product. So it can also be used in purely ecological gardens. It is offered as horn meal, horn shavings or also horn meal in the trade. The term horn fertilizer also includes horn meal.

Horn meal is a purely organic fertilizer

Horn meal is obtained from the broken horn and claws of slaughtered animals, whereby the individual pieces are smaller than 5 millimeters. It has great advantages over many other types of fertilizer because it is a pure natural product. On the other hand, its effect on the soil is ph-neutral. It also has a very high nitrogen content, which is between 12 and 15 percent in most varieties of horn meal. The fabrics K2O and P2O5 are in their proportion less than 1 percent in the total mass. The content of organic components is 85 percent. If the horn meal is used as a fertilizer, nevertheless, the amount of organic matter in the soil does not increase, as these are easily broken down. However, the effect of the nitrogen supplied depends on the temperature of the soil, such as its humidity and the quality of ventilation.
At times the horn fertilizer was almost completely replaced by synthetically produced fertilizer, but in the meantime it has become popular again in the course of biologically oriented agriculture. Organic farmers are not allowed to use mineral nitrogen fertilizer and the horn meal has proven to be particularly suitable for the soil when used as a renewable raw material. There are excellent interactions between the soil and the horn meal. Another benefit of horn meal is that it does not contain phosphate.

Weeds disappear through gifts of natural fertilizers

Clover in a lawn is usually a sure sign that a lawn lacks nutrients, which is usually a lack of nitrogen. Since Klee is completely insensitive to a lack of nitrogen, it displaces the more sensitive grass and spreads noticeably. This is partly because the clover finds a form of symbiosis with the nitrogen-fixing bacteria. So he can absorb the required nitrogen from the air. However, the clover can not replace healthy, nutrient-rich grass. If you do not want to give the infestation by clover a chance, you should start with the fertilization with horn meal in advance. If the lawn is regularly supplied with nitrogen by the horny meal, this strengthens the lawn and prevents infestation by various weeds such as clover. In addition, the horn meal contains no phosphate, which in turn favors the growth of clover. A hobby gardener, who uses horn meal, has two positive effects. He can fertilize his lawn in a natural way, which is particularly interesting for pet owners, while displacing the weeds like clover in his lawn.

The use of horn meal is easy

Horn chips

Horn meal is an organic fertilizer and can therefore be used without any protective measures, in contrast to some problematic artificial fertilizer types. In addition to the horn meal, there are also various other horn fertilizers such as corn semolina or horn shavings, which are always the same material. However, the name depends on the size of the grain. The finest is the horn meal, which can be sprinkled on a lawn. Larger pieces can be used just as well, but would remain visible for several months. Therefore, cornmeal is more likely to be used for the lawn, while coarse material is indicated for fertilizing flowers or shrubs. The horn fertilizer can be given every 3 months, but this is only a rough guide, since the effect of the natural fertilizer can be influenced by the soil moisture, soil ventilation and soil temperature.

The natural fertilizer is usable all year round

The horn meal is ideal for fertilization, as it gives off its phosphor only gradually. It only develops its effect when it has passed into the ground. Horn fertilizer is also used by gardeners because it can be used all year round as a fertilizer. It is economical in use, since 60 to 80 grams for a square meter are completely sufficient. If possible, it should be incorporated into the soil. It is also positive that it is completely ph-neutral.

Benefits of Horn meal

  • Horn meal provides the lawn with the necessary nutrients
  • it is a purely organic fertilizer
  • There is no risk of burns as by artificial fertilizer
  • works for up to three months
  • is ph neutral
  • is easy to use
  • is free of phosphates
  • is also suitable for pet owners

Worth knowing about Hornmehld├╝nger shortly

Anyone who finds clover ugly on his lawn should urgently work on it with horny meal, because it is an uncomplicated natural fertilizer that has a positive effect on the soil and only needs to be applied every three months. Since it is a natural product, it also protects the animals and plants in the garden. In addition, it not only sells clover, but also strengthens the lawn.
  • Horn shavings are among the organic fertilizers, they are a so-called organic nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Horn shavings are crushed or shredded and sifted cattle horns or cattle claws.
  • The grain size of horn meal is less than 1 mm. So it is easily picked up from the ground and also acts the fastest.
  • In addition to horn meal, there are two other so-called grain sizes: from 1 mm to 5 mm Horngries, from 5 mm horn meal.
  • Horn shavings or horn meal have the longest lasting effect of just 2 to 3 months.

In addition to the grain size of horn shavings whose duration of action but also depends on other factors, such as the soil temperature, soil moisture and soil ventilation. The nitrogen content of horn shavings is between 13 percent and 15 percent. When using horn shavings, there are no so-called washout losses. The reason for this is that the phosphorus contained in the horn shavings only takes effect in the soil.

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