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Hornets are under protection, so a hornet's nest can not be easily removed, the hornet's swarm must not be destroyed. Therefore, it is important that if the nest disturbs or even harms the health of the residents, it may be entrusted to relocate a professional. Only in exceptional cases, a special permit of the responsible nature conservation authority is allowed here. Anyone who acts against this, however, will be fined high. The relocation is carried out by the fire brigade, exterminator or a local beekeeper.

Find hornet's nest

Suddenly they are there, big, buzzing insects that cause fear in many people. But hornets are not that dangerous and nest only near people, such as in a roller shutter box, when the young queens do not find a suitable nesting place in nature after the winter. Also on roof floors, on terraces, door niches or bird boxes, they like to nest. It is important to find the hornet's nest first. If it is further away from the house, the insects may not be a problem for one year. For example, if the nest has been found at an entrance to a house or in a roller shutter box by the window or the patio door, then it must be checked whether it could be dangerous for the residents here. How to find a nest:
  • if more hornets show up in the garden, get noisy
  • track the trajectory
  • Nest exudes peculiar smell
  • therefore also follow this
  • possible nests are mostly hidden in holes
  • so can a nest even in a hole in the ground
  • in a hollow of a tree trunk
  • in bushes or trees
  • in an attic or in a gable
  • and, above all, also be built in a roller shutter box
The hornet's nests usually take a considerable size, which can be one meter or longer. The first shock to find such a nest can be very big at first. Still, people can live well with the hornets a summer when the nest was built far enough away from the house.
Tip: Hornets are no more dangerous and poisonous than those of wasps. In addition, the animals sting only when they see themselves, their people or the Queen in imminent danger. This danger usually exists when the human being is too close to the nest.

There is acute danger

Hornets left alone do not care about the people around them. Only if you feel threatened can it come to an attack. This is often the case, for example, when the nests are built near a house entrance, which is frequently frequented and the hornets are disturbed much. Especially if there are allergies to wasp venom in the family, an acute danger can also be assumed if hornets are constantly in the vicinity of the house. Even the hornet stings can cause an allergic shock in such a case. These two factors
  • Allergy sufferers against wasp stings in the family
  • Nest built too close to an important entrance
must be clarified so that a potential danger can be detected and banned. In such cases, homeowners should not be afraid to quickly file an application with the competent nature conservation authority, which in such cases issues a special permit to relocate. Also, the respective conservation authority can help in the case, if no need for relocation is seen. Corresponding rules of behavior of humans are shown to the hornets.
Because the animals are usually not aggressive. If you are not near the nest, you do not have to worry about being attacked and stung. Individual hornets that are near the terrace, balcony or apartment can be driven away by certain odors. Also, the animals can be kept away from certain places with the help of these odors, if the nest must remain in its place over the summer.

natural reserve

Hornets and their nests are protected and those who want to remove or eliminate them, can get a high penalty up to 50,000.00 € fine. Therefore, a homeowner should never act independently when a hornet's nest is discovered in the garden or at the house. Each city and community also has a different rule when it comes to hornets nests. There is no uniform regulation in the state and also not in the federal states.

Obtain special permit


Hornet folks live only one summer. The queens look for a warm and sheltered gap in the winter, in which they overwinter. The rest of the people, the workers' horns, die at the very first frost. Thus, the abandoned nest, which is not under protection because it will not be repopulated in the next summer, can be removed itself. The place should be cleaned, which is especially important for nests on house walls.Thus, it can be prevented that the building substance suffers from the excretions of hornets. It can also be avoided that a new nest will be built here again next year.
Tip: Anyone who has ever had hornets in the garden or at the house can assume that the queen will settle again next summer. Then the insects can also be provided a place further away in the garden in a corner, such as a large wooden box or an insect hotel.
A hornet's nest may not be easily removed or eliminated due to the nature conservation law. Here a sensitive punishment could be the consequence. It is better to arrange a summer with the hornets and to remove the nest after abandonment of the hornet folk after the first frost. Since the hornets are under protection, it must not be treated with chemical agents against them to get rid of the animals. In various cases where acute danger could arise from a nest, the responsible nature conservation authority issues a special permit. In such a case, a specialist moves the hornet nest including the people to another location.

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