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Horsetail broth is an old home remedy and can be successfully used in many garden areas. The great thing about it: You can just do it yourself like almost all plant broths. Horsetail broth is made from field horsetail, which is found growing wild in wetter locations such as embankments, ditches or at edges of meadows. In the ornamental garden, the weed is usually an unwanted guest, but thanks to its valuable ingredients can be made from field horsetail an effective organic fertilizer. In addition to flavonoids and organic acids, horsetail contains a high proportion of silica. This silicic acid he owes his nickname "horsetail", because it used to be used for cleaning pewter dishes.

Use of horsetail broth in the garden

Field horsetail proves to be extremely useful for the plants in the home garden. By regularly administering horsetail broth, the plants become more resistant to fungal diseases such as mildew or blackspot. The high silica content strengthens the tissue of the plants and makes the leaf surfaces more resistant, so that fungal diseases can not spread so easily from the outset. The plant-strengthening effect is based not only on the silica but also on the potassium and saponin content of the field horsetail.

Recipe for ten liters of horsetail soup

The following ingredients and auxiliaries are needed to make horsetail broth

  • 1-1.5 kg fresh or alternatively 150-200 g dried field horsetail
  • 10 liters of water (preferably rainwater)
  • a big pot
  • a close-meshed sieve
  • possibly a cotton diaper

Chop field horsetail

Soak horsetail

Chop horseradish with scissors (left) and soak before cooking (right)

Before you can make the broth, the horsetail must be crushed and soaked in water for about 24 hours. Then boil the whole and simmer for about 30 minutes at low temperature. Then peel off the plant remains with a sieve and let the broth cool down. If you want to spray the broth with a sprayer, you should first filter it with a cotton diaper or a thin cotton cloth so that the spray nozzle is not clogged with plant residues.

Horsetail broth as fertilizer

Fill horseradish into a spray bottle

Before use, dilute the horsetail broth

Not only the already mentioned plant diseases can be treated with horsetail broth - also diseases such as the cabbage and brown rot, scab or the Kräuselkrankheit prevents with regular doses. To do this dilute the horsetail stock in water at a ratio of 1: 5 and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. About every two to three weeks, you should use it to spray your plants and the soil around the plants well.
Tip: By the way, the best time for the application is in the morning in sunny weather, as heat promotes the effect of horsetail broth.

Emergency aid for diseases

If your plants are already showing signs of fungal disease, or if you have diseased plants in close proximity to them, you can also use horsetail broth. It is important in the case first to remove the infected leaves. Spray the endangered or already diseased plants with the horsetail stock for three consecutive days. If the condition does not improve, repeat the procedure after one week.

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