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A bath tub is a wonderful alternative to a pool and is ideal for use in the garden as well as on the terrace or even on the balcony. A bath tub is a wooden barrel filled with water.
By integrating a heating system, the bath tub can then be used in winter, so you can create a real wellness oasis at home with her. Everyone knows that the combination of hot water and outdoor cooling is very healthy.
It's a wonderful way to boost your immune system, much like you do with sauna. It is also very relaxing to stay in such a bath tub in summer and winter.
For example, there are numerous providers of bath tubs on the Internet. They offer these not only in many different sizes and with the most diverse accessories, but also at a variety of prices.
These are not exactly low, especially not if you can build the bath tub also from the same supplier. It is easier to simply build the bath tub yourself. With a little manual skill, this is not so difficult and so can the home improvement lay quickly put a bath tub in the garden.
The accessories for a bath tub
First and foremost, the container itself is crucial, which is not so easy, because a ton is characterized by the fact that it is round. Round wood remains, however, are just as hard to get as new panels in a round shape.
But since the bath tub also has to be of a certain size, so that you can fit into it, you have to search a bit until you have found a suitable container. Once again, the Internet can help here. One of the search engines you can certainly find providers of such tons, from which can then build a bath tub.
One can, for example, look for wine or whiskey barrels. In addition, you need more wood or plastic, with a seat in the barrel is created. It is also important to think of a water supply such as a water drain, not least of all heating elements, so that the water can be heated even in winter. All these things can be found easily and quickly over the Internet.
The construction of a bath tub
If the right container is found, it is necessary to construct the interior. The seats as well as the edge of the barrel should not have any sharp edges. It is also important to ensure that the wood is such that it can tolerate moisture. After all, the entire container is in use under water.
Since many finished bath tubs are made of spruce wood, this wood species is also suitable for the self-construction of a bath tub. Furthermore, it must now be ensured that the container is really waterproof. This must be the case on the floor as well as on the side walls.
To achieve a high water density, you can grow swimming pool paint. It just gets painted and seals everything. At the bottom of the bath tub a drain must be constructed, otherwise it will be very difficult to remove the water after use. Likewise, thought must be given to the water supply.
If you have your own pump in the garden, you have a clear advantage at this point. If you would like to use the bath tub in winter, you must think of a suitable heating device. Also in this context, the swimming pool technology is in demand again, because it offers different ways to heat the water in a bath tub.
There are different heating options, some of which are also available with solar operation. Thus, the costs of maintaining a bath tub in the garden are limited.

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