Build or buy a bath tub yourself?

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The bath tub, a mixture of sauna and whirlpool and paddling pool, is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. In the Scandinavian countries it is simply a typical picture of a garden, because here for centuries there has been a very special bathing culture.
Since water is known to have a very positive effect on the human body, this type of pool in the home garden is also increasingly being acquired by us.
First of all, the question arises, would you like to buy a bath tub new or better build it yourself?
Another alternative would be to buy the bath tub used. All these possibilities have their own advantages and disadvantages, which should be weighed up against each other.
Advantages and disadvantages of the new purchase
The new purchase of a bath tub is associated with very high costs. Under 1,000 euros, one can rarely find an adequate model that can accommodate more than one person.
In addition, with very simple models, it is not 100 percent guaranteed that the heater is so powerful that the water really can be warmed up, so that you can use the bath tub even in low minus temperatures.
It is of course advantageous that you have no work. You look for example via the Internet from a bath tub, it can be delivered to the garden and who has the necessary change, he can also build up the same. In addition, you always have a contact, if something is wrong with the bath tub once.
There is a guarantee on top, which is neither the self-construction nor a used model of the case.
Build pro and contra bathing tubs yourself
It's basically possible to build a bathing tub yourself. The Internet is full of corresponding instructions that are not only in the form of texts, but are also illustrated with numerous pictures. In addition, there are also numerous videos on the Internet, with which you can follow step by step, how a bathing tub can be built yourself.
But if you look at these videos alone or study the construction manuals, it quickly becomes clear that the DIY of a bath tub is associated with a not inconsiderable effort. It is the hardest to find a suitable tub that is high enough to sit in the water right up to the neck and accommodate more than one person.
Then it is necessary to construct a heater. If you want to invest the least possible money, fall out of a complex swimming pool technology or solar systems. Then only the good old wood stove can be used.
However, if you are an outspoken DIY enthusiast and like to work hard, then you are certainly well advised to build the bathing tub yourself. Alone for the reason, because the building is a lot of fun and you get through the self-construction most favorable to a bath tub.
The interim solution: buy used the bath tub
The perfect temporary solution is to buy a bath tub simply used. You can save a lot of money and a lot of work. Above all, those who do not trust self-construction as a craftsman are well advised with this alternative. You can buy a used bath tub the easiest way over the Internet.
The search engines help at this point very quickly. But now and again, suppliers of new bath tubs also have used models on offer. These are then often overhauled, which is especially advantageous if the heating technology is very sophisticated and modern.
How expensive then, however, a bath tub, you can not say flat rate. From a few hundred euros to several thousand euros, the price range is given. If you do not want a bath tub from one day to the next, you can take some time looking for it and find a cheap used model.

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