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Here you can kill two birds with one stone: get to know the birds that live in your garden and at the same time commit yourself to nature conservation. It does not matter if you are alone, with friends or family: Just take a look and see which feathered friends are playing at your doorstep. Does a blackbird sit on the highest branch of the spruce? Is a blue tit hopping on the coffee table? Or has a sparrow settled in the birdhouse?
Take a little time and join the bird census of the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU). It's simple: sit for one hour between May 12th and May 14th, from where you have a good view of the garden birds, and make a note of which birdies you run or fly across the way.

The procedure is simple. Download the flyer and counting aid issued by NABU, print it out and then watch for one hour. The flyer is self-explanatory, it should be noted when and where you have observed and what species of birds you could observe. With a bit of luck, your time will be rewarded, as the NABU is giving away attractive prizes such as Leica binoculars among all submissions.

The observations can then be forwarded to NABU in three ways at the end of the campaign: either via the online form, by submitting the flyer or by telephone (only on 13 and 14 May from 10 am to 6 pm on 08 00/1 15 71 15). The delivery via online form and post is only possible until May 22, 2017 - in the case of the postal route, the date of the postmark applies.

Detailed information can be found on the NABU website.

Children counting birds

Children count and determine the domestic birds

If you can not pinpoint the birds, NABU will continue to help with its online bird guide. The counted specimens can be transmitted online, by telephone or by post to the Nature Conservation Union. To make it even more fun, there is even To win prizes.

Which birds are singing in my garden?

With the kind support of NABU, MEIN has created a video with the top 10 German garden birds. Maybe you already recognize by the sounds, who is in your garden?

Video Board: Wild Birds: 5 Interesting Facts.

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