House connection costs for electricity, gas, water and sewage

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The supply lines should be laid so that they are not under a building later.

Some see a modern adventure in building a house, others a financial life's work. Simple and unromantic, it is an ellenlange sequence of many small steps, which are difficult to survey in advance. It is not uncommon to see what precautions and arrangements have not yet been taken during the construction work. Just as well, some cost factors may have been underestimated in financial planning. This can happen, for example, if the developer equates the development and house connection costs.

Differences: land development and house connection

These are two different measures: The development refers to the property. It is connected to the public road, water, electricity, gas and waste disposal network. In the second step, the house is connected to the supply lines laid up to the property boundary. For this, the client must commission the responsible utilities. He alone assumes the costs for the connection work. What amounts of money to expect, I would like to break down in the following.

Costs for power house connection using the example

The Stadtwerke Potsdam to calculate:

  • a) Mains connection for 100 A line to a house connection column at the property boundary (5 m): 1.441 Euro
  • b) Grid connection for 100 A to a meter connection column at the property boundary: 1,172 euros, extra length in the plot per meter: 42 euros.
  • c) Indoor power supply 100 A to 15 meters Connection length: around 1.172 Euro

Depending on the size, a new house connection box costs around 100 euros. As a rule, a building cost subsidy is charged for the expansion and renewal of the supply lines. This can increase in steps depending on the number of connected residential units. Cost-reducing effect if the house connection box already exists and stubs are in the property. In addition, the electricity suppliers grant discounts, if earthworks, wall breaches u.ä. be taken over by the client in own contribution.

Do not forget: In addition to the electricity connection costs are the commissioning costs, which the electrician charges for the installation of the electrical system including all sockets and light switches in the house.

Cost of gas outlet connection with examples

The connection to the center of the street (in the public area), delivery and installation of the house implementation, delivery of shut-off and pressure control devices, commissioning with counter and counter replacement is often offered in the "package price", which may vary depending on the provider between 1,000 and 2,000 euros. Three examples:

  • Natural gas standard house connection at EWE - up to 30m: 982 euros
  • Three-level lump sum system Gasag - up to 14m, 34m, 60m: 1,190, 1,785, 2,618 euros
  • Standard house connection at Harz Energie: 1,785 euros, plus installation on the plot per meter: 20.23 euros

The calculation of the house connection length, which is decisive for the calculation of the costs, can be done from the middle of the street, if there is not already a stub to the property boundary. Some utilities offer to run electricity and gas as a combination connection, which allows high savings. On the other hand, it may happen that a construction subsidy for the renewal or extension of the supply line is charged up to the property.

The connection costs add up to a considerable part of the total costs of a house construction.

Costs for Wasserhausanschluss the example

As with the gas connection costs can arise during the laying of lines on the last meters to the property, although house connection costs in the narrower sense actually refer only to measures within the property boundary. Here, therefore, the distinction between development and connection becomes blurred.

The Stadtwerke Augsburg to calculate:

  • House connection costs Standard water including 8m laying on public land, 8m laying on private land, connection in the house: 4,100 euros
  • Extra length on private property per meter: 93 euros
  • Extra length on public land per meter: 235 euros
  • Building cost subsidy for 1 residential unit: 877 euros
  • or: Building costs according to property size up to 500 m²: 1.235 Euro

In a combined installation of gas or electricity or with waste water and gas can be saved about 160 or 260 euros.

Costs for sewage system connection with examples

The Berliner Wasserbetriebe offer a home connection computer on your website. With his help, I have created a sample calculation for you. So you can see which single items of the sewage system connection comprises:

  • Single plot on the street, street front 15m, distance between public canal and property line 6m, line in the plot to the house 1,50m: 6,505 Euro

In detail:

  • Base price: 3,130 euros
  • Meter price public street: 340 Euro (x 6m)
  • Meter price plot: 340 Euro (x 1,50m)
  • Building costs subsidy: 825 euros

Thus, the sewage house connection is the most expensive of all four house connections. All in all, costs of around 10,000 to 15,000 euros can be incurred for all four connections if no in-house services are taken over.

(Data as of: March 2012)

Video Board: Watching a house being built--Utilities connections (City water, Natural gas, Sewage).

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