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This unusually large garden plot is located in the middle of Frankfurt am Main. Following the refurbishment of the landmarked residential building, the owners are now looking for a suitable design solution for the garden. We have prepared two proposals. The first, with its clear hedge structures and classic clinker bricks, gives a touch of England, while the second offers a breezy garden surface in bright colors.

Suggestion 1: Warm colors in classic style

To lift the long-lasting effect of the garden, some tricks help. Two man-high hedges, which are created transversely to the longitudinal direction, divide the property into smaller rooms. It is visually shortened and is no longer visible as a whole. As a hedge plant, the evergreen holly 'Blue Prince' was chosen. Furthermore, the view is intercepted by the two round arches. The back area is covered with the cream-colored rambler rose 'Teasing Georgia', which sets a beautiful accent from June to the frost with its full, fragrant flowers.
In the middle, a straight, well one meter wide path of reddish clinker stone leads from the front terrace to the elevated by two steps area, where it merges into a split area. Here is also a seat provided. The red-leaved fan maple with its picturesque growth and the intense leaf color at the end of the path is a great eye-catcher. In addition, two small maple shrubs 'Shaina' emerge with similar foliage.

Stadtgarten hedges round arches fan maple

This city garden in classic style spreads English mood

On both sides of the path lush perennial beds are provided, which are particularly well in front of the evergreen hedges. The color focus is on red and yellow tones that shine brightly on sunny autumn days. Tall perennials such as Goldaster 'Sunnyshine', Sun Bride and Perennial Sunflower are placed in the background. Low-growing bloomers such as the candle-knotweed 'Blackfield', the yarrow 'Coronation Gold' and the white-colored Felberich beautify the wayside.

Hedgehog myrtle may green as bed border

The hedge myrtle 'Maigrün' is a good alternative to low bush or yew edgings. The compact, evergreen small shrub is 0.8 to 1 meter high and is very cut friendly

Where the main path to a cross grows, a hedge myrtle cut in the form lines the way. In between, the soft stalks of the lamp-cleaner grass 'Moudry' and spherical hedge-myrtles cut open the plantation and look attractive even in winter. Anyone who leaves the withered shrubs in the winter, has no gaps in the bed by spring.

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