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A house according to your own taste: painter Hans Höcherl lives in a small town in the Bavarian Forest. He first drew his house on paper and then put it into action.

The painter's house: Höcherl

The house of his childhood had almost exactly the same room he owns today. As soon as the steam from the kitchen swept the windows, the 6-year-old Hans Höcherl used his forefinger to draw on the damp surface, even though these works of art were never of long duration. "Paper and colors were expensive at the time, so you had to make do otherwise," he says with a chuckle.

The painter's house: Hans Höcherl

Heidi Maria, the daughter of the painter, stood as a girl for the elaborate picture with clown and cat model

Because little Hans was resourceful in his search for drawing utensils - he liked to use the chalk of the teachers or pieces of coal on the barn door - he soon knew that he absolutely wanted to become an artist. But at the time he did not suspect that he would later "make" an entire home.

The painter's house: Hans

The cast-iron stove in the kitchen was a find. Hans Höcherl spotted him in an old barn and quickly exchanged him for a work of art. Like many of the old kitchen utensils he is in daily use

He made his stair rails for the house from naturally curved logs, painted the kitchen tiles in cobalt blue, and went in search of historic furniture that he discovered in the stores of farms or flea markets: an old radio, a scythe, or a kitchen stove. "Nothing in my house is just a dummy. If something was broken, I fixed it so all the things in the house are in use. "Anyway, all these items serve not only a practical, but also an artistic purpose. If you go from the living area to the first floor, you get into the bright studio, on the walls of which exactly the same world is found that the visitor has already encountered in the house.

The painter's house: house

The pictures hang in close proximity in the multi-storey studio. Time and again, the painter chooses simple motifs such as dishes or preserving jars. But landscapes and portraits also adorn the house

Small-format pictures and canvases as big as the windows of the house show still lifes with preserving jars, kitchen pots or an accordion. In between are striking portrait pictures and landscapes reminiscent of the area around the Bavarian Forest outside. "I often walk through nature. I later draw pictures of meadows and trees from memory, because I have enough landscapes in my head. "

"But when, for many years, it was popular for a roaring stag to decorate the house, I rejected such orders," says Hans Höcherl, who attaches great importance to rural life not being perceived as a meaningless decoration. He prefers to spend a lot of time on his subjects, arranging dishes in front of the screen in his studio on a table and carefully illuminating the still lifes with different lamps before he starts to work. When a customer wants a portrait of himself, he films him with his video camera to get a vivid impression.

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