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Dracaena massangeana - care of the dragon tree

Green plants provide comfort in the home and perfect the whole ambience. If you are looking for a decorative plant with slender, beautiful leaves, the dragon tree is a good choice.

Houseplants - care instructions: instructions

Bonsai loses many leaves - causes and solutions

For many hobby gardeners fulfilling a long-cherished dream with their own bonsai. Finally, the good piece is in your own four walls, is cherished and cared for - and still loses a lot of leaves within a short time. Why this can be, learn here.

Houseplants - care instructions: houseplants

Birkenfeige loses leaves - this is how your Ficus benjamini gets fit again

The Birkenfeige (botanical Ficus benjamini) is a popular Zimmerbaum - and at the same time the capricious problem child of many Zimmergärtner: The plant expresses her discomfort quickly by the dropping of leaves. The search for the causes is like a detective work, because many come into question.

Houseplants - care instructions: leaves

Dracaena marginata - care, cutting and augmentation

A houseplant with fractal attributes is known under the name Dracaena marginata. With a slender trunk and long leaves, this dragon tree sometimes develops a respectful habit. Rather like a lamb, the tropical plant is in terms of care, cutting and propagating. Familiarize yourself with the uncomplicated cultivation here.

Houseplants - care instructions: plants

Insensitive houseplants - 14 easy-care + decorative plants

In the garden center, potted plants brag about their rich green leaves and colorful flowers and invite you to shop. On the local windowsill, the new, demanding roommates lose their well-groomed appearance within a short time. That does not have to be, because there are houseplants that do not expect a green thumb. These 14 plants are easy-care and decorative at the same time.

12 really big house plants - these are also easy to clean

Stick Palm - Rhapis excelsa

In living rooms, entrance halls and offices, majestic indoor plants are experiencing a boom. As an architectural element and a natural shield against stress, her ornate leaves dress decelerates everyday life and filters pollutants from the air. This selection introduces you to 12 really large indoor plants that do not depend on costly care for vital growth.

Care tips for indoor plants - the best tips

A room so completely without green is usually felt as bare and incomplete furnished. Whether it is office space, corridors or cozy rooms in the house and apartment, indoor plants are a permanent fixture. Here are the best tips for a healthy indoor plant culture.

Repot Hydroponic Culture - Quick Guide

There was such an easy-care method for houseplants in the 90s? Right, the hydroponics. Already in 1958, this clean, earth-free type of indoor plant culture was invented by a Swiss. For public spaces, frequent travelers and allergy sufferers, this is a clean, mold-free alternative to the normal culture in potting soil.

Throat vine - so you maintain the Columnea properly

The throat vine is a particularly impressive beauty from Central America. From the column now different species and hybrids are available as a houseplant. However, the flowering, exotic Columnea species, with their evergreen leaves, are among the more sophisticated houseplants. It is worthwhile in any case, to heed some care instructions.

Anthurium, flamingo flower - care, repotting and fertilizing

Anthurium, also called Flamingoblumen carry, although exceptional leaves, but are mainly due to their inflorescences with large, often bright red bracts. In this country, the flowers usually appear in the summer months, with good care, but they can also decorate the plant all year round.

Blue plumbago, Ceratostigma plumbaginoides - care tips

The blue leadwort (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides) not only captivates with its sky-blue flowers, which appear between August and October on the hardy perennial. His leaves are particularly beautiful in autumn in different shades of red.

Houseplant care - the best tips for all seasons

The right supply of water and nutrients not only plays an important role in the garden. Because also houseplants want to be taken care of. Whether exotics or native plants, you should never leave your green roommates completely to themselves. With the best tips for all seasons, keep your houseplants vital.

Ficus elastica - varieties, location and care tips

His dusty image has long since left the Ficus elastica behind. Its elegantly shiny jewelry leaves in a compact silhouette would like to miss even in modern times no one. Which varieties are particularly worth seeing, explore here.Well-founded advice on the ideal location and useful care tips round off the well-comprehensible reading material.

Chinese fig tree, Ficus retusa - care as bonsai

Immerse yourself in the fascination of ancient bonsai art, which celebrates tree giants in miniature. A Chinese fig tree has paved the path to perfect harmony between man and nature for many a master student. A profound knowledge of the central claims that Ficus retusa places on care as bonsai is indispensable.

Dieffenbachie, Dieffenbachia - plants, care and propagation

A leaf decoration plant with a sublime radiance and low care claims gives us mother nature in the form of Dieffenbachie. The tropical houseplant with its marbled foliage leaves even the beginners no stones in the way when it comes to proper planting, cultivation and propagation. What Dieffenbachia really value, you can find out here.

Korbmarante, Calathea lancifolia & medallion - care tips

They are very popular with hobby gardeners with a preference for leaf ornamental plants. Korbmarante give each room a natural ambience and thrive even in less bright corners. Above all, the varieties Calathea lancifolia and medallion give themselves moderate in their claims. Follow these care tips for your new favorite plants.

Basket Marant, Calathea rufibarba & makoyana - care

Where other indoor plants give up, the Korbmarante trumps up. The beautiful foliage plant thrives even in the shady place in living rooms. As a tropical green plant, it impresses with rich green to charming patterned leaves. Apart from a few aspects, Calathea rufibarba and makoyana are quite modest in their care requirements.

Tradescantia pallida, red leaf - care of the three-master flower

Tradescantia pallida is anything but inconspicuous. The ornamental plant from Mexico has purplish purple shoots and marbled leaves. For many hobby gardeners, this visual change is an enrichment in their own houseplant landscape. The three-moth flower is robust, but you should pay a lot of attention to the cultivation of several years.

Three-master flower, Tradescantia - care and cutting

The three-master flower is known in this country, because you can easily cultivate it in the room. Only a few care measures are enough. Regular watering is important. Fertilization can be neglected.

Antler fern, Platycerium - location and care tips

In nature you can find the antler fern in tropical rainforests on up to 30 meters high jungle trees. But there are also specimens for home that like half shady, humid places.

Hen with chicks, Tolmiea menziesii, live leaf - care

Whether it is referred to as hen with chick, Lebendblatt or piggyback plant, the Tolmiea menziesii a frugal plant for room and balcony. In the propagation, it is even a fancy drama. What kind of care is needed, interested hobby gardeners learn here.

Klimme, Zimmerwein, Cissus - care and propagation

Some know them as Klimme, the others as Russian wine or Königswein. It is a vineyard that can occur as a climbing and hanging plant and is suitable in the field as well as indoor plant.

Hydroponics - species, care and repotting

In hydroponic plants are kept, which are used due to their original origin to warm and humid site conditions. We give recommendations for easy care hydropplants.

Shadow tube, Episcia, Alsobia - care instructions

The Episcia is a popular houseplant. With its bright red and small, gentle-looking flowers, it is very popular with everyone. It prefers temperatures between 20 and 25° C.

Korbmarante, Calathea - care tips and toxicity

Cultivating the basket Marant can be problematic. The optimal location for tropical calathea is the penumbra. There the room gardener must provide for moist-warm air. Also, the substrate should always be well moistened. Detailed care tips can be found here.

Dracaena draco, fragrans, sanderiana (dragon tree) - care

The Dracaena draco is probably the most famous of all dragon trees. The tree-like plant is at home in the Canary Islands. He found his way into our living room many years ago.

Bow hemp (Sansevieria) - care

The bow hemp was long considered a popular houseplant. Especially because it is so robust and easy to care for. The plant should be as sunny and warm as possible so that it does not slow down anyway hesitant growth.

Dwarf pepper - plants and care

Dwarf pepper are available in various versions in the shops and in the shops. These differ in size, shape, structure and color. There are many things in common with care.

Bobikopf - care and propagation

The bob is an evergreen, unpretentious houseplant that can be found in almost every household. It is easy to clean and therefore suitable for beginners. With us he thrives mainly as a potted plant.

Ficus rubiginosa - care and propagation

Ficus rubiginosa is one of the mulberry trees and is native to Australia.Due to its size it is rather a container plant for the terrace. A location in the winter garden would be ideal for wintering.


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