How many fish are kept in the pond?

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For most garden pond owners, fish are just part of it. They bring life into the water and it is always interesting to watch the swift swimmers.
However, fish need space and also a good supply of plants.
In principle, the keeping of fish is possible in almost every garden pond. However, they only find ideal conditions from a water quantity of 2,000 liters or more. Among them, it is difficult to build and maintain the biological balance in the pond.
For new ponds you should not use the same fish, but let him rest first. First, the water plants must be pure. If they have grown and settled micro-organisms, you can also use the fish. Experts recommend leaving the pond for 3 months and only then bring the fish. The ideal time is summer, ie July, August.
pond size
How many fish you can keep in a pond depends on its size and of course on the size of the fish. It makes a difference whether you hold small goldfish or big koi or carp. You also have to decide whether you want to use schooling fish or "loners". Absolutely you should know the approximate final size of the fish. When you buy them, they are usually small, but they grow fast. Then it can come to a veritable crowd in the pond. Too many fish in turn endanger the biological balance. Fish droppings and food leftovers promote algae growth. A good filter system helps to keep the water in good condition.
If the fish in the pond overwinter, a depth of 80 to 100 cm is needed. It is better if the pond is deeper. The depth prevents the water from freezing to the bottom. Goldfish, gold-throats and bitterlings can overwinter in the mud and have enough space and oxygen.
The size of the pond is based on the amount of water in m³. Per m³ one expects half a kilogram of fish. For 2000 liters of pond water is calculated so 1.00 kilograms of fish. However, one should remember that the fish are small and light at the beginning and grow fast. You should calculate the final weight.
Which fish suitable?
The goldfish is the fish for the garden pond. Their eye-catching color makes them easy to spot and can be easily observed. Goldfish are frugal and easy to clean. They can grow up to 30 cm and feel most comfortable in the group. They like to dig in the bottom of the pond, which often makes the water cloudy. There are different types of goldfish. Not all are suitable for the garden pond, but for the aquarium. When buying you have to pay attention to course. Beware, goldfish multiply quickly and abundantly!
The gold ore is suitable for larger ponds. Orfen can grow up to about 50 cm. Goldfen are smaller. What distinguishes them is that they do not dig in the mud and that the water stays clear. On the contrary, this fish stays a long way on the water surface, where it can be well observed. The golden orfe is also a swarmfish. You should always have four to six copies together. They do not multiply as fast and fast as goldfish.
Koi are popular mainly for their dazzling, colorful colors. However, the fish are very demanding and they need a lot of space just because of their size. The pond must be quite big. Above all, a depth of 1.80 m is required. The water must be very clean, clear and rich in oxygen. Special technology is required. This is compensated by the high age that Koi can achieve, namely up to 30 years.
In addition, Moderlieschen, minnow, Orfen, veil tails, Shubunkin and many other fish for the garden pond are suitable.

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