How often do herbs pour?

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Herbs need to be poured, like other plants too. But not every herb is equally thirsty, so you always have the finger test.

Pour herbs as often

If you have laid out on the balcony or in the garden a small bed of herbs, then you must keep a close eye on it. If the herbs begin to wither due to lack of water, they hardly recover. The problem: most herbs prefer to grow in a sunny spot, so they need a lot of water.

Herbs on the balcony

The problem, if you plant herbs on the balcony, there is usually too little soil in the pots and pots. Thus, the irrigation water does not have a good base. Take corrective action by sprinkling a 2-4 cm thick layer of gravel or sand onto the bottom of the flower box. This stores the water and ensures even on dry days for more moisture in your herbal box.

Bark mulch stores moisture

A second trick to keep the soil evenly moist in the herbal box or pot is to place some bark mulch on the box. You can also put some mulch in the ground to keep it loose and moist. However, the repeated watering in the summer belongs to the care of the herbs. Otherwise they will quickly leave the leaves hanging.

The simple casting trick with your finger

Herbs pour finger trick

There is no blanket rule when herbs need to be poured. But the plants are just too different. In addition, prevail on every balcony and in every garden other weather conditions. Do not be fooled by the fact that the top soil layer in the herb pot looks dry. Put one finger in the ground, about 5 to 7 cm deep. If the earth sticks and the finger feels damp, it does not have to be poured yet. If the finger is dry, get the watering can! By the way: best to take stale, lukewarm water.

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