How do animals spend the winter in the garden?

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Each of us has certainly heard the saying that millions or even billions of living things should be in one handful of earth. But what if the ground is frozen? Even then, the wildlife is strongly represented in our gardens.
Many animals spend the winter almost directly in front of our door and that usually without us noticing something. The classic is the hedgehog. If you see him passing by in the autumn, he is present in winter, but at the same time invisible to the amateur observer. The spiky guy still seeks refuge in our garden by exploring piles of leaves that can serve as dwelling, but it may also be hollow trees or rock or stone columns - see Hedgehogs winter and Hedgehog house.
It is similar with insects that overwinter. In general, animals are looking for a quiet and primarily warm place. This is relatively easy due to their instinct. Then the dwelling will be stocked with some food for bad times and you can start hibernating.
The animals are protected by their small caves or other hiding places from enemies, the cold and ultimately also humans. Because this would - if he knew that a hedgehog family is a guest in the garden - probably constantly want to see to the right and thereby - albeit unintentionally - only disturb. And yet it is the urgent request of the animals Please do not disturb!. For food hedgehog and Co. as mentioned themselves in the luggage and help they also do not need.
The sole help is to keep out enemies, stress and loud noises from possible dormitories for winter dormers.
There is a simple reason for this: Birds quickly become dependent if the food is always delivered in a straightforward way by helping people get home. If a person helps conditionally, then he also helps best here.

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