How to restore an old patio table

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Patio tables and other garden furniture made of metal are getting rusty when exposed to the weather over a long period of time. But that does not mean that the table has served its purpose and should land on the rubbish bin. Often garden furniture can be easily rebuilt by a fresh coat of paint. We will show you step by step how to restore a patio table. Of course, you can use the same principle with other garden furniture made of metal.

Step by step: simply restore the patio table

Remove rust

First, dirt, rust and paint residues must be removed

With special metal protective varnish you can easily restore garden furniture like this little table yourself. All you need is a little spray paint (for example from Alpina), a wire brush, sponge and soap, a hand brush and a paint fleece. Lay out the workplace with paints fleece to avoid contamination, for example by the spray paint. If everything is safely covered, you can start already. First, the table frame must be rusted. With the wire brush can be easily remove rust and paint residues. Then dust off with the hand brush any residues.

Clean the table

Thoroughly clean the table before painting

Then the table has to be cleaned. Take ordinary soap, water and a sponge and scrub the table well. Finally rinse the rack thoroughly with water and let it dry.

Paint the table

Finally, the table gets a new coat of paint

If the table is dry, it may be varnished. Apply the paint as described in the instructions on your product. Let the first coat dry for about half an hour. For a long-lasting rust protection three to four layers of paint are recommended. Finally, the tabletop gets a fresh light gray coat - the small metal table looks like new again.

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