Cast out hyacinths in the glass - That's how it works

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The hustle and bustle of the hyacinths begins very intensively in autumn, namely, when you want to drive out the hyacinths in the glass. We show how to do it in 8 steps.

Hyacinth glass expel instructions

  1. Per glass you need a piece of activated carbon, which is available in the pharmacy.
  2. Thereafter, water is poured into the glass. The activated carbon assumes the task of preventing the rotting process of the water. The water surface and the onion soil should have a distance of about two centimeters, so that a sufficient air cushion is available.
  3. The onion is now placed in the water and placed over it a hat.
  4. Then the glasses are stored in a cool and dark room, which should not exceed a temperature of at most 10 degrees Celsius.
  5. The water, which evaporates in the meantime, must be refilled regularly. A lack of rooting indicates a too warm location.
  6. If the cap is lifted visibly, then the glasses can be temporarily stored warmer. In this case, finally, after a week, the hat will be removed.
  7. Only then, when the buds have a coloring, the glasses move into the heated living room.
  8. When the flowering is finished, the bulbs can be planted in the garden.

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