Hydrangea does not bloom - 2 tips

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Frost can clog the buds

If you have a hydrangea in the garden, then you may have noticed the following: The hydrangea forms the flower approaches in the fall, the next year flourishes the hydrangea but Not, This has the simple reason that the buds are frozen in winter.

1. Protect from frost
Thus, one should protect the sensitive plant from too low temperatures. Helpful in this case may be a frost protection fleece, or simply cover with leaves. That's often enough.

2. Proper cut
A second reason why hydrangeas do not bloom could be the wrong cut. Although it is basically cut in the spring, but you must be careful that you cut off only the old flower umbels.

Anyone who removes the new flowers, will wait in vain for the flower. If you want to stimulate the growth of the plant, it removes about 25 percent of the old shoots and indeed near the ground. So while the flowering is a bit sparse, but the plant for the next year can gather strength and bloom all the luscious.

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