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Blue hydrangea

Majestic hydrangeas score with a unique ability. Pink varieties among the peasant and plate hydrangea shine magically in rich blue. This miracle is less based on magic because of a low pH of 4 to 4.5. In addition, white hydrangeas lack this talent entirely. Would you like to be one of the secret holders among hobby gardeners? Then explore here how to color hydrangeas blue. The best home remedies for coloring are familiar to you after these lines as well as other tricks - without gardener's Latin.
Soil quality sets the course
Within the large hydrangea family are the garden hydrangeas - also called peasant hydrangeas - and the flower hydrangea, whose petals contain a special dye that reacts to the pH of the soil. If the value is between 4 and 4.5, the hydrangeas develop a purple hue, which tends to pink and reddish with increasing values. To color hydrangeas blue, as a further component aluminum is required, which must be available in the soil for the shrubs. In alkaline soil with a pH greater than 5, however, the lime binds the aluminum so that a hydrangea can not absorb it via the roots. As an interim conclusion it is thus stated that the following two premises are necessary to color hydrangeas blue:
  • an acidic soil with a pH of 4 to a maximum of 4.5
  • the permanent presence of aluminum ions in the soil
If your blue-flowering hydrangea therefore takes on an undesirable color, there is a need for action. If you do not take any of the following measures, Pink will play the first fiddle.
Tip: Clear transparency with regard to the pH-value provides an uncomplicated test from the garden center or DIY store. To interpret the result correctly, no prior chemical knowledge is required.
The best home remedies for coloring
It belongs to the realm of fables that rusty nails or copper coins can contribute to the blue coloration of a hydrangea. While it is undeniable that both ingredients increase the iron content of the soil and thus act similar, such as aluminum; however, at the earliest, it will be the next or next-generation gardener generation to enjoy blue-colored hydrangeas. As long as the oxidation takes at least. Although coffee grounds reduce the pH of the substrate, but by far not to the extent required. The best home remedies for coloring hydrangeas, however, have proven themselves to be effective, act promptly and are inexpensive.

Blue colored hydrangea

The natural remedy from the pharmacy finds many uses in everyday life. As a surprising side effect, botanists found out that potassium aluminum sulfate - alum - in acidic soil makes the aluminum available for some hydrangea varieties, so that a blue coloration is possible. How to use the home remedy:
  • Make sure the hydrangea is suitable before starting to use
  • In February, enrich the soil around the hydrangea with Lauberde, collected forest soil or acid peat
  • Additionally incorporate grained cattle manure or compost
  • From March to July fertilize the shrub according to the normal care protocol
  • In addition, from March, sprinkle 20 to 100 grams of alum around the hydrangea
  • Repeat the dose of alum until the desired blue color appears
Fertilization will be discontinued from August so that the farm hydrangeas mature before winter. With hydrangeas in the tub, the effect is faster and more intense due to the narrow substrate volume. According to the illustrated procedure, both an existing blue coloration can be maintained as a desired color change can be initiated. At this point it should be pointed out again that a white hydrangea can not be changed in color. Dark pink and deep red flowers take on a blue color within 1 to 2 years, while creamy and light pink varieties respond to treatment within one season.
Tip: The effect of alum for coloring hydrangea is enhanced when the powder is dissolved in boiling water, adding a splash of vinegar essence. The mixture must never come into contact with the flowers and leaves.
The traditional 'laundry blue' from the Erzgebirge has been reliably removing unsightly yellowing from laundry and curtains since the 19th century and making them shine again in pure white. The mode of action is based primarily on the leveling of the lime in the wash water. In addition, the compound contains as its central active ingredient 'ultramarine', a mineral pigment group, which also originates from the world-famous 'lapis lazuli', one of the most brilliant blue pigments ever.The combination of the reduction of the lime content and the development of the ultramarine causes a blue color on farm hydrangeas. Laundry blue is similar in its effect thus aluminum sulfate and potassium alum. Unfortunately, it is much more expensive, because 100 grams of laundry blue cost with 4.90 euros as much as 1000 grams of alum.
Commercially available blue dyers for hydrangeas
In addition to the home remedies with which hydrangeas can be dyed blue, the specialist trade offers various preparations:
Cuxin Hydrangea Fertilizer with Blaumacher
As an organic-mineral NPK fertilizer, the product contains 500 grams of alum per kilogram of granules. Applied as instructed, Cuxin both promotes a blue coloration of hydrangea flowers and stabilizes it permanently.
  • Dosage: In March per square meter 150 grams of fertilizer; another dose shortly before flowering
  • Price: 1.5 kilograms from 8.90 euros
Garden paradise hydrangea fertilizer plus hydrangea blue
The preparation focuses specifically on coloring hydrangea blue. An extra bag of alum is added to the NPK-Volldünger for this purpose. This prudence offers the advantage that home gardeners can selectively color suitable hydrangeas.
  • Dosage: 70 grams per plant in spring and shortly before flowering
  • Price: 1 kilogram from 8 euros
Norax Hydrangea Fertilizer 'Gardener Quality' with Deep Blue Dye
This rather high-dose organic-mineral fertilizer is aimed primarily at a magnificent flowering. For this purpose, components such as horn chips make a contribution. In addition, the preparation is enriched with alum.
  • Dosage: One-time administration of 50-100 grams per shrub in spring
  • Price: 1 kilogram from 8 euros
Manna Lin H blue hydrangea fertilizer
A practical liquid fertilizer for potted plants, which turns the hydrangeas blue at the same time or stabilizes the blue color. Alum is responsible for the small color miracle.
  • Dosage: A cap on 10 liters of irrigation water
  • Price: 500 milliliters from 6 euros
Important to note for the application of mineral and organic-mineral fertilizers is not to apply them to dried substrate.
And vice versa?
If you have had enough of your blue hydrangea, accomplish the little magic trick without further ado with the opposite sign. Now it is important to raise the pH of the soil - within a tolerable range of course. Add a little bit of seaweed lime or AZ lime to the ground and pour over a few weeks with lime water. The blue color will gradually evaporate.
Hydrangeas offer the ambitious hobby gardener the fascinating opportunity to magically influence the color scheme. Capable of this wonder of nature are the varieties of garden and plate hydrangeas. As a central requirement, the soil should have a pH of 4 to 4.5. Then add a dose of alum or laundry, the chances are good to change the colors of cream, pink or red in a rich blue. Aluminum sulfate or potassium alum exert their inspiring magic even more intensively, dissolved in boiling water with a splash of vinegar essence. Thus, the best home remedies for coloring hydrangeas are already exhausted, because the effect of rusty nails or copper coins is more than doubtful and coffee grounds too weak. If you prefer a more comfortable solution to color your hydrangea blue, choose one of the numerous products from specialist retailers.

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