Hydrangeas - the new drugs for smoking?

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Mainly in the spring, gangs cling to the fresh shoots in some parts of our country. But also in summer and early autumn one can observe that hydrangea shrubs were robbed of their flowers and leaves along with the new shoots.
Not the whole plant disappears, the old wood and the roots remain with the troubled garden owners. Therefore, one has the initial assumption, it was the thieves around plant lovers who wanted to get the specific hydrangea, quickly discarded.

Organised crime?

But purely for the fun of the pleasure trimming the plants does not seem to happen, it seems very organized, as the appropriate gangs proceed.
It is rarely selected only single plants or even a single garden, it is usually whole streets or quarters, suddenly without hydrangea flowers stand there. It is particularly striking that many affected people report that their gardens are not visible from the street. Thus, you can not see if there are hortensia bushes just passing by.
In addition, since most robberies take place at night or early in the morning, the perpetrators must have known in advance exactly where to find the victims of desire. You must have scouted the crime scenes in advance.
This is supported by the fact that even the hydrangeas were cut, which were a bit hidden in the gardens and could not be seen at night. In addition, especially in early spring, where no flowers and not even many leaves are visible, it is difficult to recognize a hydrangea as such.

And why the whole?

Already in 2003, when the first raids had to be made, assumptions were made as to why some people have stolen plants from their shoots.
And it was agreed that there is only one logical reason: teens dry the shoots, leaves and flowers of the hydrangeas, and then smoke them. Similar to cannabis. The effect should be similar.
Interviewees reported dizziness after smoking, giving them the impression of flying. By the enjoyment they should be put into a kind of intoxication state like after the consumption of other drugs.

There is no scientific explanation

In recent years, several scientists have tried to find a logical explanation for the symptoms described by smokers, but there seems to be none.
Not that one would not have tried this, because one would like to know, with which vegetable enemy image one has to do it. After all, you have to react accordingly and forbid, for example, the cultivation of the plants.
But as much as renowned scientists tried, they found nothing. Nothing that could tell us why adolescents report being stoned by smoking dried-up cattle.

Hydrocyanic acid as a riddle solution

The only thing found was traces of hydrocyanic acid released by smoking dried hydrangea parts. Hydrocyanic acid is now highly toxic, and people quickly die from it when they enjoy it.
When smoking hydrangea cigarettes form in the body cyanide compounds, which can therefore be fatal. Such a poisoning also causes as the consumption of hash and marijuana a feeling of floating with intense dizziness and so the scientists assume that the adolescents simply misinterpret their symptoms of intoxication and perceive as intoxication after consuming drugs.


A Dutch newspaper already speaks of hydrangea, the deadly drug, but this seems a bit over the top. As unpleasant as the theft is for the hydrangea owners, so far consumption seems to have done no serious harm to any young person.
And so organized the gangs may proceed, but they seem to be rather small and so far there is no evidence that there is or will be a trade in hortensia.
Presumably, many adolescents have long since understood that hydrangeas do not trigger real intoxication and can give you the feeling of flying. Instead, hydrogen cyanide attacks the central nervous system (CNS) and can quickly lead to permanent disorders such as memory loss.

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