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Own fruit trees produce quantities of fruit that can neither be eaten nor stored as a whole fruit. What could be more natural than making delicious, natural fruit juice?
For this you need a press, usually in the hobby area, the manually operated

Spindle basket press used against a hydro press the fruit processor can make life much easier:
Advantages of a hydro press
A hydro press can be just the ticket if you are running out of fruit processing time and you have to process such amounts of fruit that your crutches on the hand press will be paralyzed. The hydraulic press simply does this job with water from your tap water line, with a meager 3 bar water pressure it produces delicious fruit juices from apples, pears, grapes and berries.
Hydraulic presses are available for any desired processing volume, while electrohydraulic presses unfortunately only make sense when your orchard has already reached tremendous proportions: the smallest power press processes a basket volume of 210 liters in a high-flow operation.
Prices of hydropresses
A household hydro press for 2 to 5 l incl. Einlegesack is offered from around 140, - Euro. It consists of a juice collecting and holding vessel, a metal sieve with two liters of content, a nylon filter cloth, the lid with water inlet with rubber bladder for generating the pressing pressure, holding or locking ring and the water pressure hose with patented closure and 1/2-Zollgewindestück, the is attached to the faucet.
The pressing process in this device takes about 5 minutes, including filling and emptying, here either pressed material can be filled, so in a fruit mill or a fruit chopper shredded fruits or whole fruits, such. Sour cherries, which should then be pitted before, so that the rubber bubble in the unit is not injured. Often just the thing for processing the yield of a small garden, but who wants to process the harvest of several fruit trees, a larger device will need:
For example, a hydro press from Speidel, which processes 20 liters, costs around 475, - Euro. The high-quality fruit and berry press achieves the highest juice yield by means of water pressure. It is supplied complete with press inlay and splash guard bag, the press basket is made of stainless steel, a pressure relief valve protects against overloading. Such a press has a height of about 80 cm and a diameter of about 40 cm, it weighs 13 kg and works with a maximum water pressure of 3 bar, which can do any normal house-line.
This hydro press is also offered in a 40-liter version for around 580, - €, the 90-liter press costs about 800, - €, who wants to process 180 liters at once, must spend something over 1,600, - €,
Distributor and manufacturer of hydro presses
  • The hydraulic press in household size and other juicers, but also all sorts of other devices around the self-supply from their own harvest is available at the Kellereibedarf Knopf GmbH in 1140 Vienna, of course, also to order holzeis.com.
  • The hydro press of Speidel leads z. B. the Karl Bockmeyer Kellereitechnik GmbH from 72622 Nürtingen, bockmeyer.de, Here you will also get the right bottles for your juice, and all other accessories that you might need around your fruit processing.

Editorial tips

  1. There are other press systems, the considerable muscle power requiring mechanical screw press has already been mentioned. However, these spindle presses are also offered with hydraulics, which greatly facilitates the squeezing.
  2. An alternative that is still not well known in the hobby sector is the packing press, a very powerful press that is also offered today as a table model.

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