The Iceflower, a hardy plant with a long flowering period

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The ice flower is also suitable for the design of rock gardens

Easy to look at and very pretty are also ice flowers, which - as the name suggests - convince through your hardiness. The perennials that are now available in many colors are especially flowering. Both in the perennial border, in the rock garden and for planting under trees, the ice flower is well suited. The hardy perennial can also be used for grave planting. The quickly spreading frost flower can also be used for wall planting. In addition, it can be used for balcony box planting or as a container plant. It is important when planting in the bucket or box that waterlogging should be avoided at all costs. Known varieties include the Red Strongred, White Moonstone, Yellow Peridot and Orange Topaz and Violet Star. The perennial Eisblume, which has been bred in Japan, flowers from May to September.

Care of the ice flower

The general maintenance of the Eisblume is classified as low. It requires little water Although the name suggests otherwise, the frost flower needs a full sun to provide abundant flowers.

A permeable, dry soil is ideal for keeping the ice flower. On the other hand, the perennial rarity is worse off with loamy soils.

Planting time is ideally from March to May, as soon as the soil is frost-free. A planting in the autumn (September to November), however, is possible. As a result, cold temperatures do not affect the ice flower. If the roots of the ice flower are underground, cold temperatures as well as frost of the plant can not harm it.

A pruning of the plants is principally not necessary.

The Eisblume is, as described in the beginning, hardy. However, if the winters are too harsh, the shrubs can be covered with a little brushwood as a precaution. Even when planting in the balcony box should be a light winter protection - in the form of brushwood - done.

In general, the easy-care ice flower convinces over many years with a perennial, long flowering and not infrequently turns into one of the highlights in the garden.

Ice flowers can be found, among others, at Baldur Garden.

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