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tomatoes recycling

Those who plant tomatoes in the garden or in the greenhouse always have fresh fruits, but there may also be times when you harvest so many tomatoes that you do not even know where to put them. Since the tomatoes do not last forever, you can either give them away or try the following tip: How about you make dried tomatoes yourself? A tasty affair!

That's how it works:
Cut the tomatoes into thick slices. The cores should be largely removed. Then the slices are placed on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and lightly salted. Then in the oven at 100 degrees for about eight hours to dry. When the tomatoes have finished drying, you can now sprinkle the fruits with herbs or put them in olive oil. By this variant, the dried tomatoes of course keep very long. You can eat the fruits pure, on the bread, on a pizza, as an antipasti or as an accompaniment to many great dishes.

A little gift idea
Put the dried tomatoes in oil, then add a few dried herbs, such as rosemary. It does not just look nice, it also tastes very good. You can also add sheep cheese cubes or mozzarella balls. You really have a free hand. And because the pickled looks very nice, you can give it away as well.

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