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Flowers want to be watered, and the most beautiful flowers, which you can plant in a flower box, usually want to be poured very often. Geraniums, Azaleas and Oleander want z. For example, daily water, but at high heat you have to water all the plants every day. Otherwise, the soil dries so much that it can no longer absorb and store water, the plant supply becomes difficult.
If you do not want to be a slave to your balcony in the summer, you will be taken care of in time to get an automatic window box irrigation. There are several ways to make irrigation less stressful:
The flower box with water storage
The first option of the automatic planter irrigation is the flower box with water storage, which provides space for a supply of water underground. The water is sucked over a fabric strip into the planted part. This planter irrigation is ideal because it also avoids overflow, which many plants do not like at all.
The irrigation is very even, you only need to supplement the water supply occasionally. With the irrigation system, your plants can usually survive a holiday because the amount of water kept can quite possibly bridge a longer time.
However, you must ensure that you have a double bottom, a water level indicator and an overflow when you buy the planter with water tank. Otherwise you'll have to guess when to refill water, and your balcony plants would be in a puddle of heavy rainfall, which many plants will not survive.
The droplet irrigation system
Another possibility for a flower box irrigation is a drip irrigation system that is permanently attached to a faucet. The supply of the plants can be regulated precisely by a humidity sensor in the earth. However, to use such a system, you need special flower boxes, a control box on the tap and, above all, a water connection nearby, so this system is not suitable for many balconies.
Fully automatic flower box irrigation
The luxury variant is the fully automatic flower box irrigation z. B. offered by the brand company Gardena. One set is enough for up to 5 to 6 meters flower boxes and can also be used without a tap nearby. The system works computer-controlled and offers 13 fixed programs, it can be extended and extended up to 10 meters.
Cost of an automatic planter irrigation

  • Flower boxes with water storage There are already for single digit Eurosums, then only from plastic. However, the variants extend to the planter in rattan optics, which has a plant insert with overflow and earth irrigation system and costs in a rather imposing size about 110, - €.

  • Drip irrigation systems There are from under 10, - Euro, with 3 regulators and 5 m hose. A comprehensive system with pressure reducer, 25 regulators, 32 m hose 6 mm and 24 m hose 2 mm diameter, 4 hose connectors, 4 hose manifolds, 4 hose closures and assembly aid then costs around 110, - Euro, a water tank is still in each case.

  • The fully automatic flower box irrigation is available as an entry-level set for around 100, - Euro, here are a transformer with rotary knob to choose the irrigation programs, a 14 volt low voltage pump, 25 Reienenropfer with cap and cleaning needle, 10 meter manifold and 15 pipe holder included.
Dealer and manufacturer
Flower boxes with water storage are offered in every garden supply store. You can also order the irrigation systems on the Internet. B. in the Fox since 1895 oHG under or at the company e. K. from 14612 Falkensee,
A droplet irrigation system offers z. B. Beckmann KG 88239 Wangen, information and order below, The fully automatic planter irrigation, Gardena is available in many hardware stores and garden centers or to order on the Internet, eg. On Amazon,
Conclusion of the editorship
Anyone who has enough to do without plant care will be significantly relieved by an irrigation that works by itself. If you have decided to turn a huge terrace into a green vault, an automatic irrigation can even be a prerequisite for the success of the project.
  • There are also many ideas for automatic flower box irrigation to do it yourself. Such systems are usually not as efficient as the purchased ones, but they can keep your plants alive on hot days, even if watering is delayed, and in a temperate climate take over the weekend care of the plants.

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