Ideas for balcony protection - wood, fabric or glass?

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The most popular types of balcony light protection today are made of wood, fabric or glass. But what visual protection is the cheapest? Which one can be attached quickly, easily and uncomplicated yourself? And what kind keeps those annoying looks better than the others? There are many ideas for how to make your own balcony as opaque as possible. We've put together some good, cheap and effective tips for you.
The classic: Balconiesight protection made of wood
When it comes to balcony light protection, it is of course not just the material that matters, but also the direction in which the privacy screen is supposed to keep people's eyes away from others. Because a balcony light protection can protect not only from below, but also from the side or from above. Of course, bamboo or wood can also be used to create a privacy screen that looks like an awning and keeps a view from above. Wood, bamboo and Co. can be optimally placed on the balcony rail as privacy screens to protect the balcony against lateral, direct or blind view from below. Incidentally, you can also fall back on prefabricated parts in the balcony protection from wood, which can be quickly and easily attached to the balcony railing. However, it is with bamboo mats and more but also much more individual and cheaper.
Bamboo mats and Co. are available at relatively little money in any hardware store during the summer seasons. Often there are suitable mats and materials also in autumn and winter, but these do not always have to be cheap. In addition, it is not advisable to leave the wood on the balcony for a long time in bad weather conditions. This can make it ailing, rotten and "dirty". It is better to remove the privacy during the autumn and winter months and store in a dry place (for example, in the basement). As a tip, if it should be fast and inexpensive in the summer: Under certain circumstances, beach mats made of raffia, to protect the balcony from prying eyes.
Depending on the size of the balcony you need about:

  • 3 to 6 mats
  • 10 to 20 cable ties for attachment
The inexpensive: fabric as protection against prying eyes
Screen protection variants made of fabric are available for the balcony in abundance. This is also because they can protect depending on the type and design, not only from outside, but also from the sun, from wind or rain showers. The most popular fabric protection variant are so-called fabrics, which are represented in different dimensions and quality classes. This means that a screen made of fabric can only be minimal to completely opaque, but also water-repellent, as required. The range of possible types of printing and design is similarly multifaceted. Eels, whether awning, covering, side awning, screen or side roller: they are all available with a variety of patterns and motifs.
Of course you can also lend a hand here. On the one hand, there are countless sewing shops and more who accept custom work. But many suppliers from the garden sector can also work with partners who produce fabric on request in the most unusual dimensions, shapes and designs. Do-It-Yourself is, of course, also possible here, but it requires robust materials and thus also strong sewing machines and needles. Because the discarded bed sheet is suitable as a visual protection on a longer term as little as sensitive fabrics, which are rather intended as home textiles.
The Noble: Screen Protector made of Glass?
For many it is unimaginable, but even glass can protect against annoying glances in the right design. Here also a wide variety of visual protection types for the balcony are available - from awnings to screens to protective walls. The advantage of a glass screen is that on the one hand it prevents insights (for example through frosted glass, tinting and more), on the other hand sunlight, if desired, is introduced. However, a glass balcony window protection can only be made to a limited extent and should only be made by a specialist because of the safety risk. Because a glass balcony protection should not only be of material quality and robust, but also be optimally secured. Overall, however, a glass screen is the highest quality and most durable screen. Because glass can be washed off easily, it rusts and weathers only conditionally and can thus remain in the wind and weather on the balcony.
Alternative: green balcony light protection
If you prefer something a little greener, you can pull ivy on a wire rack, because ivy is evergreen and thus a proven screen in summer and winter. Particularly suitable are strong ivy plants that have been pre-cultivated in pots. In addition, ivy grows equally well in the shade and in the sun, provided it is not too dry.
Similar to ivy, spindle bush can also be used.This also needs a climbing aid and is wintergreen, where he gets a very nice reddish-orange leaf color in the fall.
A very cheap alternative is a balcony fencing fence made of willow. Wicker lichen is a very old technique, which is often used in small privacy fences. A bamboo fence is also used for the balcony as bamboo is very durable and easy to assemble. However, such a bamboo fence does not allow much light in, so it may be more appropriate for the narrow side of the balcony - usually to the neighbors.
Another nice idea is a gazebo as balcony light protection. It also offers a shade roof and can be decorated very nicely on the buttresses. If you like colorful, you can also curtains from e.g. Glass balls hanging on the balcony. This looks very pretty and with a bit of wind you can listen to the sounds of the glass balls and relax really well.

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