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Modern grave design

In the modern tomb design new ways are taken in the present time, which stand out clearly from the traditional design elements. While in the past a homogeneous appearance was the rule, nowadays asymmetric lines and unusual plant varieties are in demand. In addition, most people no longer have enough time to take care of the grave and its care. Easy-care, densely growing and evergreen plant varieties are therefore becoming increasingly popular, in combination with gravel, grave shells and natural stones. In this way disturbing weeds have no chance.
Modern grave design
The modern grave design is defined by a combination of different and varied design elements. In the traditional grave design, the ornamental value was in the first place, the maintenance effort was relatively high. The modern version is about a pure design and ease of care. In the center of a grave is usually a tombstone, ancient were formed and just polished stones used for it. Nowadays, this tombstone is replaced by sculptures, rough natural stones, metal tombs and grave pillars, adding a modern touch to the tomb. The usual border of the grave, made from the same material as the tombstone, is replaced in many places by the use of plants:
  • Focus on natural and fluid components
  • Modern are asymmetrical arrangements on the grave area
  • Place tombstones and tombs in the middle of the tomb instead of at the end
  • Large natural stones create islands of tranquility in the grave area
  • Replace the stone grave border with small and evergreen hedgerows
  • Instead of combining uniform, better varied types of stone
  • By extraordinary structures of the individual elements special effects are achieved
  • Height differences in the plants and stones
  • Mix of flowers and shrubs
  • Planted grave shells that can be adapted to the season
So that the modern grave design can succeed successfully, this should be planned well before starting work. In this context, many factors are to be considered, the most important are the fixed rules of each cemetery order. Retrospective changes are associated with a considerable amount of work and additional costs. In addition, the grave should also fit the deceased to honor his last wishes. The following criteria should be considered:
  • Review the regulations of the cemetery
  • Explore alignment, size and location of the tomb
  • Note the layout of the nearby tombs
  • Determine the format and color scheme of the burial place
  • Set the size and shape of the border
  • Explore the texture and heaviness of the stones
  • Research soil quality and lighting conditions
  • Free time for the nursing mission and to record existing budget
  • Create true to scale sketches, for the time being with various ideas for the design
Grave design with gravel

easy-care modern grave

Gravel increasingly triggers the earth on graves, as this material is easier to handle and less maintenance intensive. Above all, white colored pebbles look noble and bring out the colors of the selected plants to their best advantage. The big advantage of gravel is that it makes life difficult for the weeds and moss, as the supply of oxygen and light is interrupted. There is a wide range of different types of gravel in specialist shops, which can be perfectly adapted to the respective burial place:
  • Pebbles are available in white, gray, colorful and in subtle natural tones
  • Dig up the desired area about 20-25 cm deep
  • Remove all dead matter (weeds and roots) and stones
  • Lay sturdy fleece under the gravel so that weeds can not grow
  • Apply gravel to the desired spots throughout the area
  • Cutouts for the tombstone, leaves the plants, grave shells and grave lights
  • Pebbles can be interpreted into interesting shapes and patterns
  • Form with larger stones forms, z. As circles or diamonds, and fill with gravel
  • Order sufficient amount of gravel, determine with demand calculator in the specialized trade
  • Lay gravel around the grave to keep weeds out
Grave design with plants
The groundcover are the classics of the grave plants, to choose from a wide range of varieties, with ivy and Erika are still very popular. For the modern grave design, there are also many, mostly unknown plants that give the grave a new kind of ambience. Many graveyards are designed as a kind of park, so the graves are often shaded under tree-lined avenues. Therefore, when buying new plants always pay attention to their demands on the location.Evergreen and late flowering plants decorate the grave even in winter with color accents, ideal is a mixture of early and late flowering. When the late flowering time is over, then in spring and summer the other plants on the grave begin to bloom again. In this way, the grave shines all year round in a great flower splendor. Seasonal and usually uncomplicated flowering plants provide a nice change and fresh color accents. In addition, in the grave planting plants with a symbolic character are very popular, which not only express the feelings of mourners, but also describe the traits of the dead. For larger graves, trees and shrubs can also be used for the grave design and pulled into the desired shape and cut:
  • With evergreen ground cover the grave looks great all year round
  • Half to full shade compatible ground cover: Dickm├Ąnnchen, ivy, Fetthenne, Haselwurz, evergreen honeysuckle, M├╝hlenbeckie, Spindelstrauch, star moss, Ysander, dwarf medlar
  • Optimal for the winter: Red carpet, maximum 15 cm high, red flowers from October-May
  • Soil cover for sunny locations: lilac padding, barbel sprigs, low-growing roses, thyme, juniper, wool scorpion
  • Plants for damp soil conditions: Jacob's ladder, pennywort, checkerboard, Siberian iris, marsh sword lily, daylily
  • Seasonal flowering plants: cyclamen, begonias, chrysanthemums, autumnal plants, petunia, snow heath, pansy, marigold, violets
  • Symbolic Plants: Memorial, Hanging Kitten Willow, Tree of Life 'Thuja', Lily, Cowslip, Bleeding Heart, Forget-me-not
  • Trees and bushes: blue-gray cypress, blue dwarf juniper, boxwood, fan maple, Japanese azalea, columnar yew and all evergreen berry bushes
  • A mix of unusual plant varieties gives the grave a modern feel
Tip: When placing the plants leave some gaps and decorate them with grave shells and grave lights. This loosens the overall picture and creates a harmonious impression.
Care & Maintenance

nice grave

When planting it is essential to ensure that the selected varieties are reasonably tolerant of drought, so that longer breaks in the care and sunny locations are better tolerated. In addition, the grave soil is rather sandy in most cemeteries and tends to dryness. Flowers have to be watered sufficiently during dry weather conditions so that the flowers can last long, therefore flower tombs are particularly caring intensive. Those who have little time should count on evergreen and undemanding plants:
  • Densely growing ground cover and gravel prevent unsightly weed growth
  • Ivy sprouts fast and grows beyond all borders, thinking of timely pruning
  • With little time for care, colored bark mulch is an easy-care alternative to ground cover
  • Water flowering plants regularly and maintain
  • Avoid waterlogging
  • Carefully remove rotten flowers and other parts of plants
  • Remove dry leaves, this work is particularly noticeable in autumn
  • Create grave area storm-proof, must be able to withstand strong gusts of wind
  • Grave stone, grave shells and grave lights firmly anchored and theft-proof
Tip: In order to facilitate the care of the grave, stepping stones can be laid on the grave area, which allows easier access to all areas.
The modern grave design sets new accents, which are very different from the traditional design elements. Instead of uniform and symmetrical shapes, asymmetrical lines nowadays find their way into the burial ground. The grave stone no longer needs to stand at the end of the tomb and be perfectly carved, but may be placed in the middle and consist of a raw stone. The use of gravel for the design of the resting place reduces the care expenditure and suppresses in the long term the growth of weeds. In addition, pebbles in various colors, shapes and sizes can be used to create shapely structures. When planting, the focus is also on reducing the use of care, unpretentious and robust flowers, trees and shrubs are in demand. Evergreen and winter-proof plants make the tomb appear attractive year round and forgive a longer break in the care.

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