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Underwater lights in the swimming pond, bright fountains, a sparkling waterfall: With the appropriate pond lighting you can achieve very special effects. The rapidly developing LED technology (light-emitting diodes) expands the possibilities: Thanks to their small size, the luminaires can be used in a variety of applications, and they also consume little power. They can therefore be operated with safe low voltage and many lights are even specifically approved for use in swimming ponds. Only with stronger headlamps halogen lamps are still used.

Use pond lighting sparingly

When installing, pay close attention to the manufacturer's instructions. While the protection class IP 44 is sufficient for normal garden luminaires, luminaires that are used permanently in the water need protection class IP 68. Pond lighting, which works with low-voltage (usually twelve volts), can usually be installed by yourself. A transformer controls the 220 volts from the socket down to safe 12 volts. Practical are plug-in systems that can be installed safely even as a layman. Meanwhile, almost only the bright, economical LED are offered, other lights such as halogen lamps are largely suppressed.

Floating LED balls

The balls float wirelessly on the reflecting pond. They are equipped with solar lights and can be switched on or off via a remote control. They are also available in white (Velda)

The goal should not be to enlighten the garden and pond as bright as day. Much more exciting is the play with light and shadow. Use the lights sparingly by highlighting only individual elements of the pond. For example, plants look completely different when illuminated from below. Particularly suitable are foliage ornaments such as ferns or shrubs with a picturesque habit, such as a fan maple on the edge of the pond.

Underwater lights that sparkle in the depths of the garden pond are mystical. Moving water has a special effect: fountains and water features, but also a floodlit waterfall are the highlight of the evening staging. And even in a small frame, you can connect water and light: For balcony and terrace, there are mini-ponds and fountains, which have a fountain pump and LED light. Ready-made sets are available, as well as individual parts to retrofit an existing mini-pond. Or you can build an individual wall with a waterfall from a specialist company. With the mood that spreads such a wall fountain, he is definitely a great summer counterpart to the fireplace!

Garden armchairs, to make yourself comfortable, you need of course. In the case of illuminated pond fountains, they are welcome to go further afield, after all, viewing from a distance is also fun.

LunAqua Power LED pond lighting

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Ideas for pond lighting: garden

The headlamps with low 24 volts can also be safely used in swimming ponds (Oase, LunAqua Power LED 3-set, about 500 Euro)

Ideas for pond lighting: pond

Three glowing fountains shoot up to 1.4 meters - this water feature with 12-volt technology can be used in the swimming pond as well as in a water basin, which is covered with stones. The programs are chosen by remote control (Oasis, Water Trio, about 630 Euro)

Ideas for pond lighting: lights

The fountain set made of terrazzo already contains pump and LED light. After setting up you just have to fill with water, insert the plug and it starts to bubble (Heissner, Halfball Millfountain LED, diameter 50 centimeters, about 150 Euro)

Ideas for pond lighting: lighting

A light rail is placed in the waterfall and creates special effects in combination with the falling water. With energy-saving LED technology (oasis, waterfall illumination, width 30 centimeters, about 80 euros)

LunAqua Power LED pond lighting

Water Trio pond lighting

Halfball Millfountain LED pond lighting

Waterfall Illumination Pond lighting

Control via smartphone

The connections of electrical pond devices such as filter pump and lights can be combined in a garden socket (oasis, FM-Master WLAN, about 460 Euro). Advantage: The socket is accessible via WLAN, so you can turn the devices on and off via smartphone. A connection is also dimmable. Over the socket comes a splash protection, it can optionally be slipped over a cover in rock optics - and the cable clutter disappears from view.

Control water animation via smartphone

Water animations can be controlled via smartphone (oasis)

Beautiful effects arise with fountain pumps, in which LED are already installed. On some models, the water animation is controlled via the smartphone. For solar-powered pond lighting, the solar cells should point south as far as possible. Light sensors ensure that the lights come on by themselves in the evening. Tip: Clean solar surfaces occasionally with a damp cloth.


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