Ideas for bathroom lighting in ceiling and wall

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Ideas for bathroom lighting in ceiling and wall

A bathroom must be adequately lit, at the same time too bright a light especially in the early morning and late evening is often bothersome. Therefore, indirect lighting is preferred by most people. It looks more comfortable.
In addition to the conventional light source on the ceiling, there are many possibilities in the bathroom to install the lighting a bit hidden. Recessed spotlights can be installed very well in a suspended ceiling made of Rigips panels. They disappear flush in the ceiling and are therefore very easy to clean. The necessary electrical cables are laid in the substructure of the ceiling.

Light sources on the mirror ensure adequate lighting on the washbasin, but can quickly be annoying if the light fades directly into the face. They should therefore be mounted behind the mirror or provided with screens if they are mounted next to or above the mirror. Because especially in the bathroom a too bright light can be uncomfortable quickly, it makes sense to equip the light source with a dimmer. Suitable bulbs are incandescent, halogen and low voltage lamps and fluorescent tubes with the light color warm white.

Small points of light with LED

LED spots can also be retrofitted in a bathroom without damaging the tiles. Some variants will be
simply glued on the tiles, whereby the supply lines are laid in the joints of the tiles. you
are connected to a transformer that supplies them with power. Although LED spots are slightly more expensive to buy than other lamps for the bathroom, they are very economical in terms of power consumption. LEDs can also be inserted directly into the joints between the tiles without a recessed spotlight, so that in the bathroom many small light sources can be scattered all over the room.

Hidden light sources

Also shower channels for floor-level showers can be equipped with LED spotlights. These spotlights are available in many different colors and they do not need an electrical connection, but are charged with a charger every now and then.

Light floors have two functions. They can be used as a storage surface, but have either a glass surface at the top or bottom, which is illuminated and which serves as additional bathroom lighting. They are equipped with fluorescent tubes or LED lamps, some of them also have the function to change the color of the light.

People with a romantic disposition can mount themselves as bathroom lighting wall holders for candles on the walls. This type of lighting is especially good for a long and relaxing bath.

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