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Geranium - Pelargonium

The balcony is one of the most beautiful places to relax from the daily stress. In terms of plants, the balcony sets apart from its particular environment, requirements other than a garden. Thus, the plants on the balcony are exposed to greater exposure to sun and wind than on the ground. For this reason, the selection of suitable balcony plants is particularly important.
If you want to achieve a natural shield, you should use plants with strong shoots, such as roses. Delicate plants such as the honeysuckle, whose delicate tendrils break during storms, should therefore not be planted. Also important is the orientation of the balcony. If the balcony is on the sunny side then pelargoniums are the right choice, funkies or hardworking Lieschen rather love the shady places.
When choosing the plants you should definitely consider the theme of scent. For example, in spring, hyacinths and gold varnish, lavender and lilies in the summer or even herbs such as thyme and sage can turn the balcony into a paradise.
Add a striking accent to your balcony by adding a color coordinated tub arrangement to a bright contrasting color. For example, the bright orange of a zinnia between summer flowers in cool blues and lilacs can set a visual highlight. For example, in seasons when only a few plants are available, you can add a contrast color to a group of evergreens. However, you should use such a splash of color sparingly, so that the eyes are not overwhelmed.
Nothing is more reassuring than quietly babbling water on the balcony. Turn a barrel into a water lily pond or build a fountain with sparkling water bubbling over the plants.
Even on the smallest balcony there is still room for a tub pond or mini water garden. In addition, running water is a nice change in the garden, for example in a flowerbed. Even a barrel is ideal as a tub pond. It is deep enough for water lilies and wide enough to serve as a vessel for a balanced mix of different aquatic plants.
A nice balmy summer evening on the balcony can be enjoyed even after sunset for a long time, if you set up some lights in favorable places. Very good lanterns are flower pots that shield the flame from draft and give a warm light. They are especially decorative around potted plants, which are particularly mysterious by the candlelight. Magic light cast big candles placed between the plants. Important, however, is a sufficient distance to the plants.
Even fruits thrive in pots, and juicy aromatic strawberries or redcurrants can easily pull even on the smallest balcony. Strawberries can be grown in a variety of vessels. Even blueberries and redcurrants thrive in large pots for years without any problems, as well as rhubarb with its large leaves.
In the form cut evergreen plants are always something special, balls and pyramids are reminiscent of the severity of Versailles, animals, however, act rather playful. Trees and shrubs in a well-kept shape cut are an interesting eye-catcher and are usually combined with hedges and other larger objects, but can also be pulled very well in buckets. With shaped trees, beautiful accents can be set on the balcony.
On the balcony, potted plants form the transition between home and nature. It is the most beautiful place to enjoy warm summer days and balmy summer nights. A balcony, whether paved, tiled or wood, is a wonderful retreat. In general, a combination of one to two larger vessels with some smaller potted plants is the most harmonious, many small pots are slightly confusing.
The choice of plant shapes and colors is almost inexhaustible. However, the right vessel is also important because it contributes significantly to the effect of the plants. Although almost all plants thrive in containers, and almost every vessel can be used as a plant pot, but the overall picture is really beautiful, when the shapes of the vessel and plant harmoniously harmonized. Spherical plants are always an eye-catcher, whether yellow chrysanthemum bush or a cut book shape. This fits best a simple pot.

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