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At the moment, the small front garden looks bare and untidy: the owners of the house wish for the almost 23 square meter large front yard an easy-care design because they still have a large green area behind the terraced house. The front garden with terrace in a quiet residential area is facing south and is also used as a seat.

Suggestion 1: Easy-care terraced front yard

Bright colors in summery yellow and white determine the design. The mourning trunk 'Hella' with its half-filled white flowers forms the center in the front yard. Soft lady's mantle is planted at her feet, spreading in the summer months like a thick carpet under the rose, with its delicate green-and-yellow pile.

Front yard Terraced house with seating

Summery colors dominate the front yard. A bench offers the possibility to sit in the garden

The existing terrace is extended by a triangular wooden deck element. Two high wooden partitions give some privacy. A wooden bench is placed in front of the right partition on the terrace. To the right and left of it climbs through recesses in the ground Clematis 'Kathryn Chapman' on the screen, which produces white, fragrant flowers from June to September. The garbage cans, hitherto hidden behind the shrubs, disappear in a wooden box and find a new place near the entrance to the house.

Sourcestone fountain next to wooden pier

The quiet splash of water of the spring stone invites you to linger on the bench. In the dark, ball lights immerse the garden in a warm light

The wooden wall to the left is planted on both sides with slender upright hollyhocks 'Parkallee', which find support on the screen. At their feet, fire-weed flourishes with its striking yellow flower whiskers. Gray sorrel spreads along the sidewalk, spreading southern flair with its silvery, aromatic foliage and many yellow flowers. A strong golden yellow splash of color from June to September forms the girl's eye 'Grandiflora'.

A small gravel area with spring stone enriches the terrace. Filigree hairgrass 'Frosted Curls' loosens the stone surface, and two ball lights create a nice mood in the evenings. The ground covering carpet myrtle aster 'Snowflurry' is well drought-tolerant and reliably closes the gaps in the bed. In September and October, at the end of the season, she spoils with numerous white flower blossoms.

Suggestion 2: Romantic sun place

In the second proposal, a small seat was also planned, a semi-circular, rose-rimmed mini rose arbor, the direction of the terrace is set up. Here you can enjoy the warm afternoon protected from strange eyes, while bushes like the white half-filled marshmallow 'China Chiffon' and the equally white splendor Spiere for backing to the sidewalk worry.

Seating with climbing roses

The climbing rose element on the seat ensures a romantic atmosphere

Surrounded by the small gravel seat of area planted cranesbill 'Saint Ola', blue flowering larkspur 'Piccolo' and small shrub roses: The robust variety 'Sweet Haze' has simple pink flowers with dark stamens and a light scent.

Rose Arbor with climbing roses

In the rose arbor, which faces the terrace, one can enjoy the scent of the climbing roses 'Nahema' (pink) and 'Alaska' (white). Gravel provides a level tread on the way to the bank

As a border of the cranesbill surface, a narrow gravel strip was laid out, loosely planted with pink glittering candle, picturesque overhanging Oriental lamprey grass, red-leaved purple bells 'Plum pudding' and dainty white ribbon flowers 'dwarf snowflake'. This area can also be wonderfully complemented by matching bulbous flowers, which, together with the ribbon flowers, open up the blossom in the spring, closely followed by cranesbill, magnificent spiers and roses.
The remaining shrubs, perennials and grasses then ensure the summer through to the fall for magnificent flower highlights in white, pink and blue.

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