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Creating a pond is one thing. But that's not all. The shore design plays a crucial role in the overall impact of the pond and its surroundings.
The shore design includes the fortification and bank planting.
Plan shore design from the beginning
It is favorable if one already thinks about the shore design and planting before the completion of the pond. Then you can model the embankment according to the requirements of the plants and that already while digging. A step-shaped design is ideal for this. So you have different levels on offer, which can be planned with very different water, marsh and bank plants.
shore mats
Shore mats are ideal if you want to achieve as close to nature as possible. They prevent the embankment earth from slipping off into the pond, thus ensuring that the pond retains its shape. In addition, they give the shore plants the necessary support for undisturbed growth. Shore mats are available in many widths. You can buy them by the meter and roll them out easily. Cover the overlapping pond liner with the shore mats. This protects them from UV rays, which cause the material to become porous over time. The material of the mats is ideal for sowing out moss or flowers. This looks nice and at the same time the shore is protected.
stone film
Stone foil is suitable for creating a natural transition from the pond to the garden with simple means. Pond pool edges can be concealed particularly well. The pond edges are protected from UV rays. The foil is waterproof. It is best to use pond liner as a base and fix the stone foil with special glue. The stone foil is available in different widths.
Important is a harmonious transition from the pond to the garden. Stones in different sizes, gravel, pebbles and boulders are great for shore design. They are particularly suitable for natural ponds. In ponds, stones can also be used. Precisely cut wood along the edge of the pond serve as a bank attachment and let the plastic edges disappear.
Important is a varied shore design. Depending on the water depth, cattails, irises, hedgehog bulbs, marsh marigolds, rushes, cotton grass, purple loosestrife and others are suitable for planting. Ground cover are ideal for the edge of the pond or as underplanting of larger shrubs. Practical are carpet-forming plants such as the pennywort, carpet-Wiesenknöterich or Günsel.
If you want to protect your pond and the shore area from foreign eyes, you can use Miscanthus. Bamboo is also doing well. One only has to be careful not to choose the varieties that spread so much because their rhizomes can break the pond liner. Then it is absolutely necessary to use a rhizome barrier.
There are many different ways of shore design at the garden pond. If you do not have your own ideas, you can also visit one of the numerous exhibitions that are offered for pond construction. There you can inform yourself about everything. Many garden centers also offer good advice. Otherwise you can have everything planned and executed by professionals. It's all just a matter of price.

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