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No friend of roses has to give up his favorite flower. For every plot size there are beautiful and easy to implement roses ideas. Take advantage of the second flowering floor in mini-gardens: tall-stemmed roses take up little space and still show many flowers.

Hochstammrosen for small gardens

Roses play a major role in wonderful dreamy cottage gardens and classically arranged cottage gardens. Whether they welcome us to the rose arch with their fantastic fragrance or grow as a high stem in the flowerbed between herbs and perennials - they always give the garden picture a certain elegance and invite you to relax and dream.

High-stem rose Ghislaine de Féligonde

Hochstammrose transplanted with boxwood

'Ghislaine de Féligonde' in apricot orange (left) as a high stem. A boxwood hedge (right) serves as a green frame for a white-flowering tall rose

Hochstammrosen turn even the smallest garden beds into jewels. A tiny bed is enough to present a "rose on a stick". If you have more space, plant several high stems together. Shrub roses like 'Snow White' can be excellently pulled as a high trunk. For this purpose, suitable varieties of roses are cultivated on specially grown wild rose shoots in the nurseries. The elegant rose trunks, which sometimes need a support bar, not only bring a second flowering floor into the bed, they also cut in the pot on the terrace or as a welcome in the front yard a good figure.

Hochstammrose Semi-, Hoch- or Cascade strain

Depending on the crown approach one differentiates between half (left), high (middle) or cascade (right)

The rose class is crucial

High stem roses with a compact upright crown are either a flowering rose, shrub or shrub rose or shrubby small shrub rose. The vitality and flower fullness of high-stem roses is preserved by a regular pruning in the spring. The best time is in April when the forsythia flower. However, it is important to know before choosing the pair of scissors which rose class the rose on top of the trunk belongs to. In the hanging cascade roses such as 'Rosarium Uetersen' only become too long shoots are shortened and taken out now and then older shoots in favor of younger completely. For other trunks shorten the shoots to 20 centimeters.

Cut tall trunk rose

Tall-stemmed roses are cut differently, depending on the variety, which has been refined on the wild rose stem. Beet and Edelrosen one cuts for example strongly, Bodendeckerrosen only moderately. The summer cut (photo) is the same as in all other blooming rose varieties - withered single flowers or flower clusters are cut off over the first fully developed leaf

In general, it is important to cut about half an inch above an outward-facing "eye", which is usually a tiny, slightly reddish bud. For rainwater to drain well, the cut should be made slightly diagonally downwards from the bud. Root-bare high stem roses, which were planted last fall and have received a planting cut at this time, do not need another cut in the following spring.

Tall stem rose in the pot

Winter protection for tall trunk rose

The planter for a high stem rose should be at least 30 centimeters high and wide - so the roots have enough space (left). With Hochstammrosen the finishing station lies undefended below the crown and therefore needs winter protection (right)

Tall stem roses in the tub

Hochstammrosen thrive easily in pots. Put the roses in container potting soil. Fertilization takes place in the spring and in June with long-term fertilizer. Every two to three years you should repot the rose. When planting high-stem roses, the support peg is used immediately. If you drive it later into the ground, roots could be damaged. Once the stems have grown, the rod becomes redundant. Check the bindings regularly so they do not cut into the bark. You are welcome to plant the rose trunks with low-growing perennials such as the hanging campanula, mountain savanna (Saturea) or annual summer flowers.
The roses can hibernate outside, provided the pot material is frost resistant. Protect the pot with fleece or bubble wrap. At the branches and the finishing (thickening) at the crown approach binds Tannenreisig and covers the crown with a fleece or jute sack. Even in winter, water a little bit from time to time. Old, sick and dead branches are removed in the spring.

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