If the boxwood gets yellow leaves - 3 tips

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Watering can help

Mostly the evergreen boxwood is often used as a border around beds or as a hedge. Since he, except that he has his price, grows very slowly, it annoys the garden friend, if the Boxwood yellow leaves gets.

Tip 1
This is usually the case in the spring. It is certainly partly because of the fact that the boxwood must be cast also in the winter, although one assumes that with frost the casting is unnecessary. However, he needs water, because although the surface of the earth is thawed, the plant can not draw water, because the earth is still frosty.

Tip 2
If the boxwood on the Gilben is, you should pump it up again with special fertilizer and good watering. In the fall he is then cut back. You can carefully remove the dead branches.

Tip 3
In the case of box trees growing in pots or planktops, one can not see to what extent the earth is still moist. There are buckets with an automatic water level indicator. It will be displayed if the bucket needs to be irrigated again. Of course, such containers are not exactly cheap, but it's worth it.

In the following years, the boxwood is recovering. But it is always important to remember that the boxwood gets enough moisture.

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