When the compost place becomes a point of controversy

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Compost dispute neighbor

If you own a garden, you often have your own composting, This is not only allowed, it is also desirable. Because even so, you can make materials that rot again into useful earth again. And that is very environmentally friendly, that shines on everyone. Now it can happen that one has a compost place in the garden, through which the neighbor feels disturbed and then to bone of contention becomes.

In this case, should something be taken into consideration, such as the location where the compost is placed or the distance to the neighbor's property? Legislators answer these questions in a very general way with "no". If you create a composting spot in the garden, you do not have to accept any restrictions.

Size and location are freely selectable
The place can be chosen as freely as the size. You can not defend yourself against an odor nuisance, but you have to accept it. Nevertheless, there are always judgments that prohibit an extreme odor nuisance and you have to put the compost to another place. However, it is not all-inclusive to say what one understands by extreme harassment.

You do not have to tolerate flies and vermin
If the compost attracts flies and other pests and bothers the neighbor, things look a little different. It is best to set up the compost as far away as possible from the neighboring property. This saves a lot of trouble.

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