When the earth sinks

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Earth slump help tips

Do you know the phenomenon? In the flowerbed are the most beautiful plants and suddenly the earth sinks under them. The plants slip and hang skewed in the bed. In the garden, you could assume that they are voles that undermine the bed and so the earth slips. But what does it mean if this happens in the greenhouse or conservatory? Then you do not need to panic, because you certainly do not have any voles there.

Organic ingredients in the earth
If plants only grow under one glass, then organic components in the earth decompose. This shrinks the volume and the earth sinks. Anyone who comes up with the idea of ​​simply filling up new soil should refrain from doing so. This can lead to rot. Here you can not help but dig up the plants and replant them. Exceptions are bananas, palms and strelitzias. These plants do not mind if you pile up the soil.

Video Board: Cedros Disaster after Home sinks into the earth ( live coverage ).

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