When the laurel tree turns brown

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When the laurel tree turns brown

Laurels can be found in many gardens. These are often used as a hedge, because they very quickly become very dense. But also solitary does the laurel tree a good picture. However, only if he does not suddenly turns brown.

This often happens over the winter. Especially when it's a long and cold winter. Many gardeners then say that the laurel is frozen and you have to dispose of it. But here is neither the one nor the other.

Water shortage is to blame
When the leaves of the laurel tree turn brown, it has nothing to do with the cold, but with a lack of water. Since the soil is frozen too long in a long, cold winter, moisture can not penetrate and supply the plant. The result is an acute lack of water, which the laurel tree acknowledges with the dropping of the leaves.

Do not rip but trim
And you do not have to rip out the bush either, because it is not dead. In the spring just cut it down so that only the main branches are there. After a few days, the first shoots form, and within a quarter of a year, the bush is again gorgeous green. Although a bit smaller, but green. And because Laurel grows fast, the hedge is fully back in two years at the latest.

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