Hang pictures straight: 7 simple methods & 5 professional systems

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A special challenge: The accurate hanging of pictures on a staircase.

Hanging pictures is not one of my everyday pursuits. But a lack or presence of photos or paintings on the wall testifies to whether or not I really feel at home in my own four walls.

No spirit level at hand? No problem! You can also hang pictures without this tool. More important is a tracking device for cables, with which you can be sure not to tap any power or water pipes. This can happen especially in old buildings. In newer houses, the lines are usually laid so that they do not run along the walls at head height.

The easiest way to hang the pictures with these attachment methods:

  • Folding eyelets are suitable for easy suspension of light wooden frames.
  • Eyebolts are screwed about one third above the side rails of the frame then the eyelets are connected with a suspension cord. This is best suited for perlon rope, alternatively wire is also suitable. Do not over-tighten the cord or wire between the two eyelets!

7 simple ways to hang pictures straight

  1. Edge hanger: Align the same at the top or bottom edge of the picture frame.
  2. In the staircase, the pictures should follow exactly the stairs.
  3. Loose hanging: Hang several pictures within an imaginary frame (rectangle, circle, oval, etc.). Darker should be placed over lighter ones and larger ones over smaller ones.
  4. Raster hanger: The individual images are arranged according to a strict geometric scheme, such as a chessboard.
  5. Center Placement: Align all images approximately at a height of 1.5 meters.
  6. Petersburg hanging: Although chaotic at first blush, but has an order. The shape and size of the frames as well as the passe-partouts are equal.
  7. Suspension after the golden section: works very harmoniously. It works like this: Hit a small nail on the wall at the height of five eighths left and right of the wall. Attach a string to it or stretch it. Then the pictures can be hung so that each frame is about three-eighths over the string. Then remove the auxiliary cord again.

5 systems to hang pictures professionally

    1. picture hook

eg FIXA from IKEA or at stas-bilderschienen.de, galeriebedarf.de, rahmen-shop.de and others.

    1. Rope attachment / rope system

can be used to hang paper images without frame and stainless steel ropes for curtain mounting such as DIGNET IKEA, but then still need the appropriate tick (curtain rings) including clips

    1. Picture rails / gallery rails

Complete sets are sometimes available with eyelets or glides, z. B. alutech.de, art-more.de, galerieschiene.net, nielsen-design.de u.a.

    1. Clamp and sliding board

offers Flexibliät, z. Eg the presentation system "Q-Up" (kleinundmore.de)

    1. moldings

like the image bar "Ribba" by IKEA (ikea.de)

Oh, and please remember to wait a bit in a new building (massive house) with the hanging of pictures, because the walls are still very damp at first. A compromise might be picture bars here.

Video Board: The art of hanging art.

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