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The stately imperial crown (Fritillaria imperialis) should be planted already in late summer, so that it is well rooted until the spring and reliably expels. The sooner the onions get into the ground, the more intensively they can use the remaining soil heat. MY shows you step by step how to proceed with the planting of the imperial crown bulbs.

Step by step: How to plant the imperial crown

Select location

Lift planting hole

First choose a suitable location (left) and then dig out a planting hole (right)

Imperial crowns are 60 to 100 centimeters high, so a planting distance of just under half a meter is appropriate. Choose a sunny location in deep soil with good water extraction. Heavy clay soil is made more permeable with gravel or sand before planting. Plan between the imperial crowns a distance of about 50 centimeters. The hole for the onions should be 20 to 30 inches deep. With a commercially available onion planter you can dig about half of the earth. To reach the final planting depth, use a hand scoop and dig a few more inches.

Mark planting site

Finally the planting place is marked

A label identifies the species and planting location. This is helpful, because in the spring, before the sprouting is seen, you should bring out well rotted manure or an organic fertilizer. Imperial crowns need a lot of nutrients to flower again year after year. But be patient: imperial crowns often take one or two years to show their first flowering. Tip: The onions have only a weak protective layer and dry out easily. Put them in the ground as soon as possible after purchase

The onion size determines the planting depth

Various onion sizes

Flower bulbs in comparison (from top left to bottom right): imperial crown, narcissus, tulip, grape hyacinth, blue oysters and crocus

The bulbs of emperor's crown, daffodil, tulip, grape hyacinth, blue oystercatcher and crocus dangle under the earth as powerhouses. Plant at least twice as deep as the height of the onion is the rule of thumb. In comparison, it is clear that the imperial crown is buried deepest, but their impressive flowers reward the effort.

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