Important in the conservatory - the height of the plants

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Plants should not hit the ceiling

Do you have a conservatory? Then you know that there is a lot to consider. Important in the winter garden is basically that you pay attention to the height of the plants.

Plants could hit the ceiling
If you have a winter garden, you have green all year round. But he also has a lot of work with it. And he has to pay attention to many things. For example, on the height of the individual plants. Because when trees or palms get too high, they can hit the ceiling very quickly and growth is affected.

Palm trees are usually very high
Before you buy plants, you should always be on the lookout for how high they will be. It can be said from the beginning that palm trees are usually very high and are only suitable for conservatories that are higher than a floor. By contrast, deciduous trees, especially those that are easy to cut, can be used confidently; they do not grow too much.

Also pay attention to the width of the trees
Particularly suitable for the winter garden are olive trees, orchid trees and citrus trees. Also recommended are cylinder cleaner, carob tree and ironwood tree. These trees grow bushy for many years before they become small trees. Pay attention not only to the height, but also to the width of the trees.

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