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Protect from wasps and wasp sting - that helps!: helps

This means protecting yourself from wasps and wasp stings, especially during the barbecue season. Because, whether grilled food, cakes or sweet drinks, all that attracts the wasps and once they are there, then they are usually difficult to drive away. But washilft and how to get rid of the little pests again?

This helps with wasp alarm

Many people already get panic attacks when they see the insects. They start to wave their arms and fight, but this only makes the wasps more aggressive. And only then is it usually a wasp sting. However, you can protect yourself from a sting by following small rules:
If you eat or drink outdoors, the food and drinks should be covered as much as possible. Especially when children are drinking outside, it is ideal if they use a drinking straw. So at least it is avoided that a wasp is drunk with and in the worst case dies in the mouth. Take extra care of young children. So that the wasps do not come too close, you can with a half lemon, which you spice with cloves, something remedy, because that smell does not like the insects at all. Also helpful are incense sticks or fresh basil leaves. In addition to the sweetish odors, there are also certain colors that attract the little graves. Avoid wearing bright colors and wear long clothing if possible. They should also - even if it is still nice - do without walking barefoot in the garden. And if the wasps come too close to you, then you never beat wild or make hectic movements, because this irritates the wasps only unnecessarily.
If there is even a scythe nest in the immediate vicinity, then you should never lend a hand and as a precaution should instruct a specialist in the removal of the nest.

In the case of a wasp sting - More tips

When a wasp has stung, the body initially reacts with swelling, which is usually associated with pain. For most people, a wasp sting is rather harmless. But it is different for allergy sufferers, who may experience an anaphylactic shock or a circulatory collapse in the worst case scenario. So, if you have had a wasp sting, try first to remove the sting and cool the puncture site. Franzbrandwein or ribwort plantain can also be helpful - apply both carefully to the place! But tea tree oil and onion slices can bring relief.
If you are allergic to the wasp sting or if you have stung the wasp in the mouth or eye area, then you should in any case consult a doctor, who can then administer appropriate medication. In most cases, antihistamines or cortisone are used in these cases.

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