Good mood ideas for the garden pond

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Gargoyles are the stars at the pond

Good mood ideas for the garden pond: garden

The cheerful porpoises (Gardena) bring movement into the pond: where it gurgles and gurgles, the water neatly recharges oxygen - good for the biological balance. In addition, water features exude pleasant freshness on hot days.

Secrets under water

What lies hidden during the day, underwater spotlights (Heissner) effectively put in the limelight in the dark. They make the pond seem mysterious and deep during the evening tour. Positive side effect: The lighting also serves safety - it prevents missteps.

Source of relaxation

Virtually every beautiful boulder can start a career as a source stone - whether gently splashing or with bubbly bubbly (oasis). In smaller ponds and near the shore, the foam crown should not rise above 30 centimeters, otherwise the water could drift off on windy days.

Glass drops - as if fallen from the sky

The graceful floating lights made of weather- and temperature-resistant plastic (Gardena) set the pond in the evening scene. There are also wireless colored floating lights with solar module ("Magic Balls", Heissner), which store energy during the day and turn on by itself in the evening.

Good neighborhood

Bell, goblet or cascade? Often pump sets contain different attachments (Gardena). Pay attention to the distance to Schwimmblattpflanzen. Water lilies, for example, do not like constant sprinkling - and punish them with closed flowers.

Fireworks on the water

The floating water feature conjures in the dark a spectacular scenery in changing colors. Each of the nine water jets is individually illuminated by the integrated LED spotlights (Heissner).

Magical moments in the nocturnal garden

Misty wafts of blue, yellow or red waft across the nocturnal pond. Like the lighting technology, the fogger (Heissner) is operated with a transformer that generates low voltage. 230 volts would be too dangerous in connection with water.

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