Plant imperial crowns in late summer

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In late summer you should plant the imperial crowns and pay attention to a humus poor soil. The onions are inserted about 20 centimeters deep into the ground.

Imperial crown

In the late summer is the right time to pick the onions Crown Imperials to plants, By the spring, they will have enough time to root and drive out.

• Imperial crowns are available in different colors. They usually bloom at the beginning of spring and spread a strong scent.

• The large bulbs must be placed about 20 centimeters deep in the ground.

• The soil should be low in humus. To make sure that the onions do not start to rot in the summer soil, you should put a small layer of sand under the onion.

• It is also important to use the bulbs in the right direction, otherwise no flowers can grow in the spring. Sometimes you can hardly distinguish the pages and you have to take a closer look.

• The onion is dented slightly at the top. So that no water accumulates here, you should put the onion slightly diagonally into the ground.

Once planted, the imperial crowns come back year after year and can bring the garden to bloom in spring.

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