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Parents and children who do something together: The picture that is so self-evident today unfortunately has become far too rare.
It would be so easy to work together to craft something that everyone can enjoy together. The world of cowboys and Indians is exciting, as ever.
It is not difficult to set up an Indian tent in your own garden. And the nicest part of having a plan to build a tent together and make it together is the time we spent together creating a great play opportunity for the children and their comrades. The construction of a Indian tent is not expensive and not very complicated. So why not reserve, shop and start one of the next weekends?
The Indian tent needs a basic framework
On the shopping list for the Indian tent should first stand the tent poles and something sturdy, tear-resistant rope. If a suitable, flat surface found in the garden, it can go already. The only preparation of the rods is a tipping on one end. So they can be sunk slightly in the ground, which enhances the stability in wind or a rammer in the wild game.
First, three long tent poles are pyramid-shaped. With a piece of rope, the three tips are knotted thoroughly. The remaining number of tent poles can now be supplemented. Also around this one loops and knots a piece of rope. Now nothing can harm the scaffolding anymore. Later, a blanket will be spread on the floor.
Papa's lawn, however, is affected by the Indian tent something, because not only the tent poles left their mark. Due to lack of light below the tarpaulin the grass does not grow anymore; It forms inevitably a bald spot in the lawn with longer life. But what is the English turf compared to happy bright children's eyes?
Jute, sheets or tarpaulin?
Made only of poles, the tent is now far from finished. It urgently needs a tarpaulin, of course with a door. The original buffalo skin is visually closest to jute: Old bags or cheap yard goods are certainly somewhere. The bags must be separated so that the fabric can be laid flat. Then you gradually wrapped around the scaffolding, except for the recess for the entrance to the Indian world. Old bed sheets can replace extra purchased jute.
If a teepee is to stay the whole summer, and perhaps even on a day with rainy weather offer a play opportunity, impregnated tarpaulin is recommended. This can be bought by the meter in the camping need and is durable and holds several summers. If you want to work on the overall concept, create a stake, a fireplace and other typical Indian locations around the Indian tent.
Accessories for the game in the Indian tent right with tinkering
So much effort and fun together make the new ideas for the game mostly explode. After all, the children like to spend the few hours left over by their parents. Since a headdress and leather apron is tinkered, the mother and sister make from leather ribbons and faux pearls beautiful Indian jewelry.
In the tent a dream catcher may not be missing; this is made of leather, yarn, feathers and wooden or plastic beads - and a corresponding crafting instructions from the Internet - on a quiet evening tinkering. There are numerous accessories for the Indian tent in the toy trade.
For the next few weeks and months, the family can look forward to howling chieftains, spying Indians, and squaws reluctant to go along with the war against the "white man." And Mama, the Greenhorn, is captured with the lasso and tied to the stake, until she promises to get an ice cream out of the freezer.

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