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Is it possible to get a piece of nature into the house with green roommates and thus positively influence their well-being? In office space, the use of indoor plants has been extensively studied.

Feel-good factor houseplant

After greening the offices of an industrial company, the employees were questioned about the effects. The result of a study by the Fraunhofer Institutes was convincing:

Ficus as a houseplant

Plants can make the difference in the office and at home

99 percent of respondents felt that the air had improved. 93 percent felt more comfortable than before and less disturbed by noises. Almost half of the employees said they were more relaxed, and about one-third felt more motivated by the greening. Other studies also found that typical office illnesses, such as fatigue, lack of concentration, stress and headache, are in green spaces. The reasons: Plants act like silencers and reduce the noise level. This is especially true for large specimens with lush foliage such as birch fig (Ficus benjamina) or window leaf (Monstera).

Good air thanks to lush greenery

Bow hemp in front of wooden wall

Bow hemp is not only good for indoor climate, by its upward-growing leaves, it is also suitable for Feng Shui

In addition, plants improve the indoor climate by increasing humidity and binding dust. They produce oxygen and simultaneously extract carbon dioxide from the room air. Not to be underestimated is the psychological effect of a green office, because even the sight of the plants is good for us! The so-called attention-recovery theory states that the concentration required for example at a computer workstation makes one tired. A balance provides the viewing of a planting. This does not strain and promote recovery. Tip: Robust houseplants such as the single leaf (Spathiphyllum), shoemaker's palm or bow hemp (Sansevieria) are ideal for the office. With water storage vessels, special granules such as Seramis or hydroponic systems can also increase the casting distances significantly.

Foliar plants as a humidifier

Due to their permanent evaporation, indoor plants noticeably increase the humidity. A side effect in summer: the room temperature is lowered. Particularly good humidifiers are houseplants with large leaves that evaporate a lot, such as room linden or nest fern (asplenium). About 97 percent of the tap water is released back into the room air. A particularly effective humidifier is the Zypergras. On sunny summer days, a large plant can convert several liters of irrigation water. In contrast to technical humidifiers, the water evaporated by plants is germ-free.

a selection of indoor plants

The selection of indoor plants is great

Plants against pollutants - what is it?

Efficient for the room

The Europeans absorb a lot of air pollutants like benzene

Specialists from the Technical University of Sydney investigated the influence of plants on the concentration of pollutants that escape from building materials, carpets, wall paints or furniture into the air. With an astonishing result: With plants such as philodendron, ivy or dragon tree, the pollutant load of the indoor air could be reduced by 50 to 70 percent. Basically, the more plants, the greater the success. It is known that, for example, real aloe (Aloe barbadensis), green lily (Chlorophytum elatum) and tree friend (Philodendron selloum) break down formaldehyde in the air particularly well.

Surrounded by green - that does it all well

Grass in the pot

Even grasses make a room cozy with their airy stalks

We spend about 90 percent of our lifetime beyond nature - so we bring them into our nearby environment! It's not just measurable changes that you make through green spaces. Not to be underestimated are the psychological effects: plants must be taken care of. This is a meaningful activity that is rewarded. Plants that thrive well create an atmosphere of security and wellbeing. Working with plants creates the feeling of being in harmony with the environment. A bouquet of flowers on the table, palms in the living room or the easy-care greening in the office - living green can be easily integrated into all areas.

Video Board: ? NASA recommends having these plants in your house to purify the air and other amazing reasons!!!.

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