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Indoor plants that have been with us for many years have survived several moves and are an integral part of our homes. Even if they do not look as fresh as on the first day, you do not want to miss the faithful plants any more. Although a "green thumb" is helpful in cultivating a plant for as long as possible, there are also some indoor plants that are easy to handle thanks to their robustness. The members of our community also have some plants that have been thriving and thriving on their owners for many years. These five house plants are the clear winners in terms of age.

The top 5 most loyal companions

1st money tree (Crassula ovata)

money tree

Money trees are very grateful plants. They prefer to stand in bright locations with plenty of direct sunlight and should only be moderately cast

The most popular among our community is the robust money tree, which is one of the real classics among indoor plants. It is also known under the name Judas tree, Pfennigbaum, thick leaf or Jadestrauch. Hermine H.'s Geldbaum has been growing for 25 years and has already survived three moves, four cats and two children. That's why Hermione H. calls her money tree a "valiant companion" who thrills with steady growth and beauty. The money tree usually needs a lot of light and likes to stand directly in the sun. He needs little water. Above all, the saying "less is more" applies here.

2. Klivie (Clivia miniata)


Klivien need a lot of light and are always in the same location. Who wants to bring the Klivie to bloom, must necessarily keep a two-month rest period from October

A record-breaking age indicates Gaby N.'s Clivia: for 50 years, this is already with her. Klivien are beautiful flowering plants that thrive best in bright locations and should always be aligned with the same side to the light. But the best thing about Klivien is: the older they get, the more beautiful and richer they are.

3. Yucca palm (Yucca elephantipes)


At first glance, the yucca palm has an exotic appearance. It is very robust and resistant. Water the plant regularly and fertilize it every two weeks during the growing season from April to August

Another very faithful houseplant is the yucca palm tree, because she does not need a lavish care. Christian K.'s copy is very old at the age of 36 and has already participated in four moves. Those who would like to have just as much luck with their yucca should follow these tips: The plant prefers to stand in bright, sunny to partially shaded locations, waterlogging should be avoided and in the growth phase from April to August, it is recommended to use them every two weeks To provide green plant fertilizer.

4. Birch fig (Ficus benjamina)

birch figs

The best location for the Birkenfeiger is bright, but without direct sunlight. It is best to always leave your birch fig in the same location, as even slight changes cause it to discard its leaves

Ute S.'s and Brigitte S.'s birch figs, often simply called "Benjamini" or "Ficus", are both already 35 years old. For a birch fig to grow properly, it must be in a bright, not too sunny location. In the growing season should be watered regularly. In between, however, let the bale surface dry thoroughly before you re-pour your birch fig. Fertilize your Ficus from March to September about every two to three weeks with a liquid green plant fertilizer, which is simply administered with the irrigation water.

5. Window leaf (Monstera deliciosa)


Characteristic of the Monstera are their strikingly cut leaves. It is very popular because of its easy care. Place the plant in a bright location and water regularly. Good to know: Drought tolerates them better than waterlogging

The Monstera, also called Fensterblatt, has become one of the most popular indoor plants in recent years. Above all, their easy care makes them very attractive for many people. Annette K. owns a Monstera, who is already 43 years old, and Eva V still enjoys her Monstera from 1972 - this has even survived a change of ownership. The proper care of a Monstera consists of regular watering (without waterlogging!), A bright, warm location and a fertilizer, which takes place every 14 days from April to August. With a little luck, you can admire the plant with its characteristic leaves for almost half a century.

More robust houseplants


The green lily prefers bright places where it is not exposed to direct sunlight. In the growth phase from spring to late summer, it must be watered regularly. Nevertheless, thanks to its water-storing roots, it can withstand short periods of drought

There are a number of easy-care, robust houseplants that, if looked after properly, look good for years and are hardly infested with diseases. In addition to the plants already mentioned, this includes, for example, the green lily, which is well-liked in every house, the porcelain flower, which has become somewhat rare today, but with its flowers is a real eye-catcher, and the bow hemp, which is considered the easy-care houseplant in general,

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